#33 Cover viewer

Under consideration

it would be AWESOME if there was a way to give it like an entire
folder and then have it open and display small thumbnails for all the
covers in that directory (possibly it could save that thumbnail thing to
be opened later... and then you could click thumbnails in order to
open comics)

please please pretty please?



  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    I started to play with this, mostly because it let's me
    experiment with caching an asynchronous image rendering
    without effecting the main comic viewer code.

    It's going to suck for CBR archives because there is no Java
    way to just extract the front image. So I'm going to have to
    extract the all archive, compute a thumbnail for the front
    page, and remove the whole junk again.

    No time frame for the whole thing yet.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • summary: please add "cover viewer" mode --> Cover viewer
  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • priority: 3 --> 4
  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    In the CVS, Jomic can display thumbnails for *pages* (not covers). Nevertheless, this is a big step in the direction of a cover viewer.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • milestone: --> Under consideration
  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    There's some progress in this area: As of version 0.9.24, Jomic can at least display a preview of the front page in the "Open comic" dialog. It's even pretty efficient for CBR archives because the unrar utility recently got a command line option to extract specific files from an archive.

    However, for this to be useful in a cover viewer the preview images need to be cached. The current caching code needs some rework before this works.

    Apart from that the user interface issue need to be resolved. I could stuff the previews in the "Open comic" dialog, but that seems to be rather wasteful of space. I haven't made my mind up yet, but probably using the whole window to show a gallery of previews will be it.


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