#56 Blur error with OS X

Fixed in 0.9.31

I chose Blur and now it's permanently enabled and always returns an error with any file I try to open. it is useless now and I don't know how to fix it since Blur is greyed-out and I can't open anything now.


  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • assigned_to: nobody --> roskakori
  • Thomas Aglassinger

    Jomic 0.9.31 will get rid of the Java Image Libarary and its overly complex filters, maybe this offers a solution to your issue.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    Version 0.9.31 is availabel and has the blur code reworked. It also includes fixes for the blur dialog window, which did not set or preserve is size as intended.

    If your issue still remains, please create a new bug.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • milestone: --> Fixed in 0.9.31
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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