#5 Need way to save output (in swingui)


Gave Jode a try using command:

Java -jar jode-1.1.1.jar

with that as launch point there appears to be no way to
save the decompiled output. Possibly I am missing
another way to start jode.


  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-08-23
    • summary: Need way to save output --> Need way to save output (in swingui)
  • Jochen Hoenicke

    Jochen Hoenicke - 2001-08-23

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    Yes, the graphical UI doesn't have a way to save output.
    However there is another way, for example (put everything
    in one line):

    java -classpath jode-1.1.1.jar jode.decompiler.Main -d src

    This decompiles all classes in the jar file x.jar and puts
    the java files into the directory src. You can also
    decompile single classes or set the classpath so it
    includes dependent libraries:

    java -classpath jode-1.1.1.jar jode.decompiler.Main -c
    lib.jar,foo.jar -d src org.foo.MainClass

    Adding the save option to the graphical UI is something I
    may do in the future.

  • Bernard Farrell

    Bernard Farrell - 2002-01-24

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    In Windows, you can select the text in the output window by
    clicking the mouse in this window and pressing Ctrl-A
    (all). Then copy it to the clipboard using Ctrl-C (copy).

    Then open your favorite editor and press Ctrl-V and you'll
    have a file you can save.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Does copy and paste not cut it for you? (No pun
    intended.) It's what I've been using.

  • SeeksTheMoon

    SeeksTheMoon - 2003-06-11

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    The CVS-Version now has that feature.


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