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JobManager / News: Recent posts

JobManager Released

JobManager has been released today. Extensive tested, but if you find anything wrong please submit a bug report.



Posted by Robert Worrall 2011-01-31

JobManager Release Candidate

After a lot of work I am finally ready to issue a release candidate. Please feel welcome to tell me what you think via the forums or email.


Posted by Robert Worrall 2010-07-25

Jobmanager Development Blog

There is now a development blog at:

Posted by Robert Worrall 2009-12-22

JobManager Beta 4

The latest beta of JobManager is now released and ready for download. Many changes and bug fixes are incorporated in this release including a new stopwatch. Check the change log for further details.

Posted by Robert Worrall 2009-06-29

Beta 3 update

Some small fixes to Jobman have been placed in the primary download. These include:

fixes to the job importer,
fixes to the stopwatch.

Posted by Robert Worrall 2009-02-09

Beta 3 of JobManger released

This release has number of fixes and refinements with additional functionality of importing jobs from comma deliminated files.

I would also like to welcome Bastian Neumann as a developer to the project.

Posted by Robert Worrall 2009-01-30

beta2 of JobMan Released

After a good deal of debugging and tiding up of code. Jobmanger - Beta2 is release with current netbeans project and graphics files. In this version the search functionality has been added and there have been tweeks to the stopwatch facilities to prevent data loss.

If you have any comments please use the forum or email me at

Posted by Robert Worrall 2008-06-23

JobManager Netbeans Project Released

I have added the Netbeans project today to allow anyone to easily change the source code with all the image files etc. included.

Posted by Robert Worrall 2008-03-26

Beta1 of JobManager Released

Today beta version of Job Manager is release. The project was created so that I can monitor how long it takes me to do tasks at work and produce reports for my employer. It will therefore be refined and updated over time so if you like how this is working please monitor this project for future updates.

Also if you have any change requests please do not hesitate to submit them to me.
Thanks for looking.

Posted by Robert Worrall 2008-03-19