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JNative v1.4 RC3 is out!

Changes since RC2:

- Fixed UINT
- Added getLastError() to JNative class. This returns native GetLastError() as Kernel32.GetLastError() resets the native lastError state and never returns a proper value. Kernel32.GetLastError() is now deprecated.
- Some other small fixes and enhancements I cannot remember.

Posted by Thubb 2009-01-14

JNative v1.4 RC2 is out!

This is a maintenance release because many users complain about some bugs that are fixed in CVS version.
I called it RC2 to be able to fix last minute problem if any.

Important: Please delete all previous version of the native dll as the new version gets extracted from the jar file automatically, but only if it could not be loaded from the file system!

Bug fixed in this release
- Lots of big and small flaws fixed. Can't remember any of them :D
- JNative.getCurrentModule() now returns the correct handle to the JNative DLL.
- Pre-built functions in the various util-classes should now be completely threadsafe.... read more

Posted by Thubb 2008-10-11

JNative 1.3.2 is out !!!

JNative V1.3.2
Bug fixed in this release
[ 1698452 ] Memory leak in nInvoke native method.

RFE implemented in this release
[ 1714524 ] Add a logging system

Posted by Marc DENTY 2007-05-07

JNative 1.3.1 is out !!!

Bug fixed in this release

[ 1634788 ] Callbacks may not be thread safe

[ 1646050 ] The double operations are broken

[ 1619035 ] the setParameter(int, int, int) should be deprecated

This method was removed

Posted by Marc DENTY 2007-01-27

JNative 1.3 is out !!!!

Now you can use unlimited callbacks !
You can create on the fly your assembler routine and poke it in memory then call it. Think of mmx/sse access.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-12-14

Linux statically linked lib avaliable

Added statically linked libJNativeCpp.so

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-11-29

JNative 1.2 is out !!!!

added float as parameters and return types

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-11-07

JNative V1.1 is out !!!!

double and int64 / long types supported

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-11-02

JNative v1.0 is out !!!!

Both Linux and Windows are supported in this version.
Native part has been rewritten from scratch.
Callbacks works.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-10-23

Looking for project administrator

I am looking for developpers and admin for this project.
Contact mdenty if you are interested

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-09-07

JNative rc2 is out !!!

Registry reading functions added in Advapi class,
User32.setWindowPos() add thanks to JBerry76_ITA
Uneeded prints removed.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-06-09

New main site opened !!

JNative home page opened this week at jnative.free.fr, I wrote a new tutorial to help you guys to write programs with JNative.

As usual jnative.sf.net is up but it redirects to the new site.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-06-03

JNative-rc1 is out !!!

Download it ;)

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-06-03

Callbacks added !

Callbacks are there !

Look at the CVS version, I have written EnumWindows sample, that starts to work now.

Version 1.0 will be out soon.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-05-23

Licence changed to LGPL !!!

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-31

JNative beta 1 is out !

Linux support has been added !

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-23

JNative alpha 3 is out

New pointers and memory management objects
JNative.jar is now executable and demonstrates itself.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-14

JNative alpha 2 is out

You can now browse a DLL with the JNative.getDLLFileExports() function
Callbacks added

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-10

Documentation started

The documentation of the project started, for now get the CVS version.
Once the documentation over, I'll release the alpha2.

Stay tuned.

Developpers, beta-tester, translaters are welcome.

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-09

JNative alpha 1 is out

Please try it, any feedback welcome !

Posted by Marc DENTY 2006-01-03

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