#40 Sony Ericsson K610i - Every message defaults to all caps

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First of all, I'd just like to report that the Sony Ericsson K610i works fine
with jmIrc. Except for this slight annoyance I'm reporting now:

Whenever I press the message button, to send a new message, I get taken
into the phone's text input editor, as is customary. This is fine, however,
one annoying thing is that it defaults to all-caps mode. Every time.

So I need to press * to get back into all-lowercase mode before I want to
type something, every time I send a new message.

I'm running jmIrc 0.95.


  • Per von Zweigbergk

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    I've written a patch that should solve this issue.

    However, I have no access to a J2ME development environment, so I can't
    build it.

    I'll gladly test it, if you can build a patched version and attach the binary to
    this bug report.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    it's not just the K610i. i can confirm the same behaviour on
    a W900i.


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