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New release!

I've updated the available jar files to optimize things. The iterating code is faster and I've trim the classes that were not used.

I also have separated testing code from matrix code, so that including junit is no longer needed to use the matrices. (Version 4 of junit is now required for runnig tests)

Posted by Dario Garcia 2007-01-18


After one year and half, from the first conception of these idea I think I reached the end.
Though there is some maintenance to come in the future, and maybe some tweaks, tha basic idea has been expressed.

I have finished adding friendly documentation in the public site:

"Let the matrix be your world!"

Posted by Dario Garcia 2006-05-12

Reaching the end

It seems that everything is working fine. There are still, some little details to change, but gig release is comming soon. I have done writting documentation. In these days I'm going to let some people read it, so they can tell me their criticism. When everything in the doc is corrected I will release spanish version and star to translate it to english. I calculate 3 or 4 days of work. I hope this is finished before next saturday.

Posted by Dario Garcia 2006-03-19

A little closer

We are reaching the first objective, making a good interface for each Matrix, easy to use and intuitive, cleaning the base code and refactoring out bad design ideas.
When this is done (I think a couple of days or so), the idea is to start with documentation and release a first version jar with all the classes ready to use.

Soon you will be getting an alpha version to test!

Posted by Dario Garcia 2006-03-03

First news

Hi! Everyone out there, this is the first news about this project.
I want to let you know that I'm working very hard on getting everything done with quality. That means that the project is running a bit slow (because I'm the only one working), but I think it's going to be a very liable piece of work.

Currently I'm working on getting someone else (close to me) to get involved in this project and polishing the interfaces of classes to make everything easy to use. After that is concluded I think the first release of this project will be done. (estimated time: 1 month ahead).... read more

Posted by Dario Garcia 2006-02-17