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Java Matrix Library / News: Recent posts

jMatrices website is online!

Finally we have our website online! The "Usage" page demonstrates how to use jMatrices as a library and as a shell. The home page brings out the reason for jMatrices to exist and the direction it will take in the future.

Recently we had done a milestone release (0.6) providing a Javascript shell to let you play with matrices...

As usual we are looking forward to your suggestions, remarks, criticisms etc. Looking forward to your response.

Posted by Piyush Purang 2004-05-22

JMatrices 0.6 released

FILES contains all the other files.
jmatrices0.6.jar class files source files javadoc files
jmatrices_shell_0_6.jar shell distribution (see below SHELL)

Now there are two ways of using this library.
As a library to be used by other libraries or programs. In this form it will be used in steps mentioned above. Just check the CHANGES below to see if there have been any changes.... read more

Posted by Piyush Purang 2004-05-10

Jmatrices 0.5 released

Jmatrices is yet another matrix package! We are just trying to do the things a little differently.

The release is for garnering interest and critique. Please, do check it out. We are looking forward to your comments and critique.

We are looking for a JUnit Guru to create a test suite for the library. In case you think you fit the bill please get in touch!

Unfortunately our website is still under construction!

Posted by Piyush Purang 2004-03-14