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1.0.5 released

This update adds a few new features and does some internal cleanups. It doesn't fix any bugs that I'm aware of.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2005-10-29

1.0 release

I have decided that since jinamp hasn't annoyed me at all for a while, I'll consider it stable and release a 1.0 version.

This version adds no new features, and you probably don't need it if you have 0.3.9. However, I've done a bit of work on making it more portable, so if 0.3.9 didn't work for you then give it a try. You can even compile it on Solaris, if you can figure out how to unpackage it with Solaris tar :-)

Posted by Bruce Merry 2004-06-16

No, he's *resting*

No, jinamp is not dead! It's just that I haven't had time to do anything to it in the last 6 months.

This is a major new release, although you won't see much different in jinamp itself. The new feature is that there is now a separate program, jinamp-ctl, which allows you to control jinamp with more easy and power than before.

I've also made sure that jinamp 0.3.9 compiles and works on FreeBSD, so hopefully this is a generally POSIX-friendly release, not just for penguins.... read more

Posted by Bruce Merry 2002-12-15

Fixed a nasty bug in

If jinamp crashed on you with 0.3.0.x when using the set subtraction operator (- or !) on the command line, then you might want to try out I found that if you did A - B and B was not a subset of A then jinamp would walk off the end of a tree and crash.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2002-03-02

FreeBSD now compiles again

Right, jinamp fixes the compile failure on FreeBSD. It turns out that the BSD regex.h has a bug in that it doesn't include sys/types.h even though it depends on it. I can't promise that it will run as intended though.

There are one or two new command line options, but this is not a big change.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2002-01-20

Oops, I broke it

Sorry folks, 0.3 is a write-off and won't do concatenation. I've already created a fix in but it appears that Sourceforge is also broken at the moment so I can't upload it. I'll get it up there ASAP. For now use or just wait until is released. is not as cool but it does actually work.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-12-17

Yay, an update

Ok, things have been a bit quiet recently, but that's because I've been rewriting a good chunk of the code (and also doing a lot of other work).

Things should be a bit faster in the new version (although the new code isn't optimised yet so it might be a bit slower for a while). You can also now do set intersection of the command line parameters. Read the man page for the syntax.

Enjoy it, test it, tell me what you think of it (bmerry@sourceforge.net).

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-12-10

Possibly no updates for a while

Hi folks

On Monday I'm starting a two month holiday job at nVidia. I don't know how much time that will leave me for work on jinamp. On the other hand my apartment is supposed to have high speed internet access, so it's not impossible that I'll keep working on it. Fortunately it's actually looking pretty stable (for me anyway, and nobody has sent any bug reports so I guess it works ok).


Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-11-19

Slow but steady

Hello everybody

The first thing you'll probably notice is that I now have a Debian package up. It's a small pain to maintain so I don't promise that there will be one for every release of jinamp.

A less obvious change is that I've introduced options to control which files are considered as playlists by means of a regex, as well as allowing one to ignore certain files/directories. Unfortunately the regex matching slows things down quite a bit. See the man page for ways to get some speed back if it's important.... read more

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-11-16

Lots of changes to jinamp

Hello everybody

Yes, it's another round of jinamp (working on it is a good way of not doing what I should be). A lot of the work is internal but the big user change is that you can now create a config file to specify the player, rather than having to do it at compile time or specifying on the command line every time.

I've also run this one though a few machines on the SF compile farm, so it definitely compiles on BSD and even Solaris systems (and Solaris is so braindead that tar doesn't accept the -z flag). There are still a lot of #if/#endif's missing from the code but it looks reasonably happy on POSIX systems (which is all it's ever likely to run on, considering the features it requires).... read more

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-11-10

Read this if you downloaded on 8 Nov


If you downloaded jinamp 0.2.1 on 2001/11/08 then you should probably re-download it to be safe. As a result of an iffy connection to SourceForge, the way the SourceForge upload works and me continually finding "one more bug", their were several points at which the release file was incorrect or incomplete.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-11-08

playaudio script and man page now here

Hello all

All three of you that have downloaded jinamp so far probably noticed that the playaudio script I kept talking about was missing. It's now in 0.2.1. Other big news is that I discovered the Man-Page mini-HOWTO and wrote a man page.

There are lots of other changes - go read the ChangeLog.

Posted by Bruce Merry 2001-11-08

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