replacement piece sets for Jin

  • Eric De Mund

    Eric De Mund - 2008-09-06


    I've created drop-in replacement piece sets for Jin. Actually, they're supplemental piece sets rather than replacement piece sets; nothing in the Jin distribution is clobbered.

    See the web page for these sets; it resides at:

    [tab] jin piece sets

    At the present time, 2008-09-06, there are two Alpha piece sets, two Merida piece sets, and two USCF piece sets. Each of these three types has an "ead-01" and an "ead-02" piece set. The ead-01 sets have Black pieces with white interior regions, while the ead-02 sets have Black pieces with transparent interior regions.

    I've included two screenshots at the URL above so one can see what these look like.

    Regards, and thank you Sasha for Jin, It's a great product.

    Eric De Mund

    • Alexander Maryanovsky

      Cool, I'll add a blurb about this on the front page.

    • Schuler Ralph

      Schuler Ralph - 2008-10-15

      Hi Eric

      Thank you very much for this nice piece sets. Here a screenshot of my configuration:



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