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new release 1.0

new release is on world!!! :-)
have fun

Posted by milan medlik 2006-08-01

Packages for Fedora Core

Thenks Filip Bartmann ( http://www.linpro.cz )

Posted by milan medlik 2006-07-14

new release 1.0 RC1

New public release :) main thing : now run on freebsd ;-)

Posted by milan medlik 2006-07-10

JiMs website

JiM has new website
look on www.miuan.wz.cz/projects/jim

Posted by milan medlik 2006-07-03

new release 0.9.17

GNU/linux source download here:http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jimgame/jim-0.9.17.tar.gz?download

MS-Windows binaries

Posted by milan medlik 2006-06-12

Added double-click-button

The new button in skin-select window, is new action, fast double click on you prefer skin run this skin ;-)

Posted by milan medlik 2006-05-29

New version public 0.96

Wow new version on download. Jim core is faster,added sound and repair more bugs..

Posted by milan medlik 2006-05-18

sound added completed

To this game is added sound for action, feel stop, win, risk, ... Wav file are loaded from share directory or actual skin.

Posted by milan medlik 2006-05-16