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Photos to Calendars

A cute example of the usefulness of the iCalendar protocol is included in the new version 1.5 of JiCal.

Photo2ICal gives you the ability to extract photo shot dates and render them to iCalendar as well as renaming the photo files to reverse date / time for easy recognition later.

Doing this means that in Korganiser, when you view the iCalendar created, all your photos appear as events in the calendar on the 'attachments' tab of the events view. KDE is clever enough to let you double-click and view the images as well. You can obviously edit the events and update what was happening. Basically you end up with a nice diary of your life and perhaps your childrens too. Thats what I'm using it for! ... read more

Posted by Stuart Guthrie 2004-11-04

JiCal 1.2 supports graphics of your free/busy time.

The latest JiCal can create from your iCalendar files a graphical 'gantt' view of your time for posting to a web server and incorporation in webpages. Setup your own version of the scripts to create your calendar views on the fly as you exit your favourite iCalendar - compatible program. (Requires Apache Batik to render as graphic.)

Posted by Stuart Guthrie 2003-02-07

JiCal to implement CAP Calendar Access Protocol

I'm aiming at a September 2003 release of the current (09) CAP standard. It's time that the Open Source world had a proper implementation of the Calendar Access Protocol and since I don't see any hands up - I'll do it.

I'm looking for c/c++ coders who can do client-side contributions to either Ximian's Evolution and/or Mozilla's Calendar project. As well as that, an implementation of a web-interface and we'll have an MS Exchange replacement.

Posted by Stuart Guthrie 2003-02-04

PDFs from your evolution calendar

JiCal can XMLise your evolution calendar data. Via XML Stylesheet Translations (XSLT) JiCal will create Format Objects which can in turn be made into PDFs, viewed in a java viewer or printed to a printer. This whole process can be scripted to happen when you exit evolution or via CRON on a periodic basis. Use Evolution to create excellent calendars, use JiCal to render them to PDF/HTML/XML/Text via XSL. In order to render as PDF, you will need to download and install the excellent application.

Posted by Stuart Guthrie 2002-12-11

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