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JGrinder - Initial JDO Support

The CVS repository has been updated to include an initial cut for JDO support. This will provide a migration path for current users off JGrinder as well as possibly open JGrinder to new users.
The goal is to make JGrinder Java Source Code compliant with JDO. That is the APIs. There is no present plans to make the instrumented code binary compatible nor comform to the insufficient JDO mapping files.

Posted by David Hoag 2004-07-06

Support for 1.4.1

The required changes to support Java JDK 1.4.1 have been made to the code base and released as a source jar. See the build directory of the jar to build the code with your favorite JDK.

Posted by David Hoag 2002-08-14

jgrinder-general : mailing list now available

We finally have a mailing list. The traffic is VERY low. Ask just about any question you'd like.

To post to this list, send your email to:

Posted by David Hoag 2002-04-04

JGrinder 2.3.1 critial fix release

This point release fixes problems: default Oracle support primary key strategy, and collection relations not being defined when using Xml persistent maps and JDK 1.4.

Posted by David Hoag 2002-03-09

JGrinder 2.3 released

Improved support for Access, simplified query specification, & unified configuration should make this upgrade of its Object to Relational mapping solution invaluable.

Posted by David Hoag 2002-02-22

Updated tutorial released

The tutorial should now work! While the errors before where mildly misleading and easily overcome, things should work. In addition to the tutorial, check out DOCs when getting started.

Posted by David Hoag 2002-02-04

Object/Relational Persistence supports Composite Primary Key

The JGrinder Persistence solution (primarily an object-relational mapping solution) no has support for composite primary keys. Persistent objects can now be declared to have primary keys made up of several columns. Of course, the File support still provides seamless persistence allowing for quick prototyping and 'unconnected' persistence.

Posted by David Hoag 2001-08-17