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Java GRIB reader / News: Recent posts

Bugfix in GribFile - available in CVS

As pointet out by Michal Piotrowski in the bug report number: 1637606 there has been living a bug in the GribFile class, which is now fixed and available via the CVS repository.

The bug has prevented the users to read in GRIB files via GZipInputStream(s).

frv_peg on behalf of the JGRIB developers

Posted by Peter Gylling 2007-04-20

Bugfix in GribGDSRotLatLon

Bug fixed, so grib_scanmode is set correctly in all cases. Affected files: All grids of type 10 (Rotated Lat/Lon)

If affected please update from CVS

Peter Gylling on behalf of the JGRIB developers

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-10-30

CVS update of GribRecordGDS and GribGDSPolarStereo

In CVS you will find a major upgrade of GribGDSPolarStereo based upon matematical background material available online here:

Currently there exist 3 different polar stereographic projections and the GRIB standard defines case b as defined by OGP Surveying and Positioning Committee.

On behalf of the JGRIB developers:
Peter Gylling, frv_peg at

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-09-06

New documentation available

In the documentation section (DOCS) you will now find a new document holding extended documentation and background information about the GRIB GDS octet 17 (bit 2). The focus is upon correcting errors in the official documentation and the related reference material as URLS

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-08-22

Bug in GribGDSPolarStereo.getGridCoords()

The algoritm involved in calculating latitude/longitude coordinates based upon the polar stereograhpic coordinates is not working correctly using the SST sample file provided with the JGRIB library.

For details check our help forum and read the thread started by Dan Glasser on 11-08-2006.

Please contact the developers if you have access to a well documented and working algoritm.

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-08-14

JGRIB webpage updated

We have updated the JGRIB webpage with a new design using frames. Main reason is a wish to let readers of the website get access to the project news by using the sourceforge RSS feeds.

We are applying a PHP4 class called rss_fetch kindly supplied in GPL by Drew Phillips. His name will be present on all pages using his software.

On behalf of the JGRIB developers
Peter Gylling

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-08-11

Codebase extention provided

We have been contacted by Simone Giannecchini and Alessio Fabiani, whom users with interest in using java to display geographic information may know well.

They have uploaded extentions to JGRIB to a project hosted by google at the extentions include possibility to write GRIB datafiles.

In near future we will together plan how the current JGRIB library can benifit from the extentions provided by Simone Giannecchini and Alessio Fabiani.... read more

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-08-07

JGRIB version beta7 (beta) released

After more than two years of silence, this project has finally moved forward again. This release holds many bug fixes mentioned on the JGRIB help forum.

Users are urged to upgrade to this release, so the latest code changes can be evaluated before we plan to release the code as first stable release.

Regarding the Lat/Lon and rotated Lat/Lon grids, the developers has used this library in production code for the last 2-3 years, so you can relie upon this part as rock steady.... read more

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-08-01

Added screenshot

I have today uploaded a screenshot, which shows the main accesspoint to the JGRIB library. It's part of what you get, when you open your source in ie. Eclipse any other Java IDE editor.

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-07-30

Update available from CVS

Users are requested to upgrade their copy of JGRIB to latest CVS version. Many of the issues reported in the help forum has been addressed in the CVS code. Detailed changes can be found in the ChangeLog file available via CVS.

Posted by Peter Gylling 2006-07-26