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JGPSTrackEdit is a GPS track editor for editing (gps) tracks and planning (multiple days) tours.

An abritary number of tracks may be opened or created, tracks may be merged. A track may be splitted, compressed or reversed.
Points may be inserted or appended to a track (routing supported) or may be moved or deleted from a track. The evelations of track points may be updated automatically.

Maps of several providers are available, the default map is OpenStreetMap.

Currently supported track formats: garmin route, gpx and txc, kml, import from http://www.gpsies.com.

JGPSTrackEdit is written in the java language. To run the software, a java runtime installation is required (may be obtained from http://www.java.com/download/index.jsp)

Current State of Development

JGPSTrackEdit is now in a production state and should be usable. [known issues]


You may use GPSTrackEdit for non commercial purpose. The source code is available by the GNU GPL v3 license.
It is forbidden to use the gpsies.com api key of JGPSTrackEdit. If you need one, obtain it from http://www.gpsies.com


Here is a list of features and functions of JGPSTrackEdit:

  • open a track from file (garmin route, gpx and txc, kml)
  • open a track from gpsies.com (http://www.gpsies.com)
  • save a track to file (garmin route, gpx, kml)
  • split a track, various options
  • merge tracks
  • create new tracks
  • reverse a track
  • appends points to a track, either point to point or by routing
  • move and delete points of a track
  • compress and correct tracks
  • supports maps from several map providers. Be carefull when using google maps, read the usage conditions of google first! (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/staticmaps/)
  • map extracts may be defined for later use
  • map tiles are cached locally to reduce traffic on the map servers
  • supports planning of multiple day tours
  • updates elevations of track points
  • download tiles for offline use by smartphone apps, e.g. Maverik (http://codesector.com/maverick)

User Manual

[General Information]

[File Menu]
[Track Menu]
[Point Menu]
[View Menu]
[Tile Download Menu]
[Help Menu]

Common Tasks

Installation [install]
Configuration [configuration]
[Editing tracks] (e.g. to correct and optimize GPS device recorded tracks)
[Creating tracks]
Planning tours [tour_planning]
[Downloading tiles] for offline use by smartphone apps

References and Acknowledgements

Thanks to GPSPrune for some ideas:

Thanks to Klaus Bechtold for providing the gpsies.com api key. Klaus manages the http://www.gpsies.com site, a great web application for storing and sharing gps tracks.

Thanks to Mark James for licensing his great icons!

Thanks to Gerd Balzuweit for his contributions and his engagement as first developer who joined the project.

See also:


JGPSTrackEdit was developed by Hubert Lutnik, an enthusiastic java programmer and mountain bike rider from Carinthia/Austria (http://www.kaernten.at/).

Why another Track Editor?

In 2011 the author has planned a tour from his home town Klagenfurt (http://www.klagenfurt.at/) to Rome. (The tour was made in July 2011, 10 days and over 900km, see http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=ewcdgphhglewpqxg). The planning task was quite an effort, since no perfect suitable tool was available (Although there are several useful tools on the internet). So the author decided to programm his own gps track editor. The other motivation was to use the java programming language in a bigger project (to stay fit in programming...)

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