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Next update: More zip support

In the next update, you can expect to be able to load single resources from .zip files. For example, if you want to load an image from another scenario .zip file, you can then select this .zip file and a nice dialog will appear, allowing you to choose which file(s) form this .zip file you want to add to your current scenario.

The next thing which I will start (or continue) working on will probably be the shadowrun character manager and combat tracker plugin, because a) I currently play/gm shadowrun and b) this will allow me to test and extend the gmtool's features for character management...... read more

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-10-03

Pre-Alpha Build 0.05

So, we now have a pre-alpha build 0.05, which includes the ability to save and load the complete scenario (including all resources) into (or from) a .zip file. Simply select a .zip file when saving/loading a scenario and this will happen automatically. As an added benefit, the structure inside the .zip file is pretty tidy, everything is sorted by type.

There is now also a log dialog, where you can see if an error occurred. You can find it by clicking "Show log" in the "About" Dialog (which opens when you click the "?" button the bottom right corner of the tool). If you encounter an error, don't hesitate to send me the log file with a description what you did - and of course you can also send an mail, if you want to tell me what features you would like to see...

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-10-01

Coming soon: Zip-File support

The next feature, which I am currently testing, will be support for .zip files. This means, that you can arrange your scenario, add images, etc. in the tool and then save the complete scenario (including the images, etc.) into a .zip file.

The whole process is pretty simple:
If you save your scenario as a .zip file, all resources (images, etc.) will be automatically added to this .zip file.
If you save your scenario as a .xml file, all resources will be extracted into subdirectories IF (any only if) this scenario was stored in a zip file before.
If you load a .zip file as your scenario, the resources will automatically be loaded from this .zip file.... read more

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-09-30

Pre-Alpha Build 0.04

A new build is available: The biggest changes are that there is now a name generator (for these times when the player suddenly ask for the name of the npc instead of simply killing him) and the tokens are now rotatable (hold <shift> while clicking at a token and it will rotate 45° clockwise).
Remember that you have to add the name generator to your PluginSet for it to appear in your GMTool.

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-09-27

Pre-Alpha Build 0.03

The (still Pre-Alpha) build 0.03 now includes the ability to use token (for example to mark positions on a map). If you only want to show images/maps/whatever on a 2nd screen or projector and place tokens on it, now you can do so. For all other people: Stay tuned... :-)

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-09-25

Pre-Alpha release

Hello everyone,

so, we now have a pre-alpha version. Nothing much, yet, but at least you could start managing your notes, images and sounds, if you wanted to...

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2012-09-24

Still alive and kicking

There was a little delay, but now I'm back on track. Current goal is a complete Shadowrun plugin set plus some options, for example, allowing users to decide, which format they prefer (tabs on top or left, for example).

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2011-06-02

Scenarios and PluginSets

The base of the GMTool are two things: Scenarios and PluginSets.

A Scenario is simply a list of files that you will need for your gaming session, stored inside an XML file. The list can contain text files, images, mp3s, etc.etc. There will be the option of bundeling all files of a scenario toegether into one .zip file, allowing to easily copy it to an USB-Stick, for example, or send it via mail. When loading a scenario, every plugin will pick the files from the scenario that it can handle, for example a note viewer would pick all text files while an image viewer would pick all image files.... read more

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2010-09-19

The Generic Image Viewer Plugin

The Generic Image Viewer plugin will not only allow a gamemaster to load and view his images (which would be pretty pointless) but will also provide the capability of showing these images on a 2nd screen, for example on a video projector.
As showing images will very likely include maps, the viewer will also offer the possibility to draw on the image, using some basic geometric forms, colors, etc. and to move tokens around on it, for example to determine combat positions.

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2010-09-18

Project Introduction

The basic idea of the GameMaster Tool is to create simple, powerful tool to aid in the task of gamemastering an rpg session. It was planned specifically with small laptops and netbooks in mind. It is intended to be used to manage characters, notes, images, sounds, etc. as well as provide usefull other stuffs. All but the most basic parts of the GMTool are designed as plugins, allowing the user to combine his (or her) own suite of tools for his gaming sessions in one program. ... read more

Posted by Florian Schaetz 2010-09-18