#279 Mismatches between source code and documentation

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We have statically analyzed the Linux kernel to find the list of basic error codes that each function may return, along with sample paths that illustrate
how specific error instances reach a given function’s exit points. We have compared these error codes against version 2.39 of the Linux
manual pages for 42 file-related system calls.

Our tool reports 118 instances of undocumented errors when analyzing JFS. Please find attached the following files:

1) jfs.csv contains a list of the form
undocumented-error-code, file-system, system-call
2) jfs.complete contains sample paths that describe how a particular function exit point r was reached in a way that a certain undocumented error code instance was returned. There is a complete and slice trace for each entry in jfs.csv (please read jfs-report.txt for more details).
3) jfs-report.txt contains the same reports listed in (1) , however they are grouped based on the sample paths provided. Reports with similar sample paths are put together for easier inspection.

It would be really nice if we could receive some feedback as whether these errors (a) must be included in the documentation, (b) should not be returned, or (c) can't possibly be returned.

Thank you,


  • Cindy Rubio Gonzalez


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