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JFlex 1.4.3 released

JFlex 1.4.3 is a maintenance release, fixing all know bugs of version 1.4.2.

More information is available from http://jflex.de

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2009-01-31

JFlex 1.4.1 released

JFlex 1.4.1 is a maintenance release, fixing all know bugs of version 1.4.

It is available from http://jflex.sf.net and http://jflex.de

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2004-11-07

JFlex 1.4 released

The long awaited new stable version 1.4 of JFlex has been released.

JFlex is a mature, fast lexical analyser generator for Java. It is to Java was flex is to C.

New features in JFlex 1.4 include:
a new, very fast minimization algorithm,
a new --jlex option for strict compatibility to JLex,
support for even larger scanners (up to 64K DFA states),
faster character classes,
a new %apiprivate switch that causes all generated and skeleton methods to be made private,
user defined javadoc class comments,
turning off %eofclose if it was turned on previously (e.g. by %cup),
and a number of internal enhancements.... read more

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2004-04-17

JFlex 1.4_pre5 released

Version 1.4_pre5 is a bugfix release that rectifies two issues introduced in 1.4_pre4.

- fixed misaligned internal error message codes in generated code
- fixed unicode escapes in generated javadoc class comment

Thanks to Eric Ford and Raphael Petit for spotting these immediatly.

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2003-11-11

JFlex 1.4_pre4 released

JFlex 1.4_pre4 is a bugfix and maintenance release. It is also the first release candidate for JFlex 1.4.

All reported bugs except #421495 have been fixed. Most of the requested feautures have been implemented (see the changelog for more information).

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2003-11-05

JFlex 1.4_pre3 released

This is a prerelease of the upcoming version 1.4. It contains mainly bugfixes.

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2003-03-01

jflex-mode for xemacs

A first version of the XEmacs major mode for JFlex has been released today.

It is derived from java-mode and supports syntax highlighting of JFlex keywords and Java code in actions.

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2001-10-25

JFlex 1.3.5 released

JFlex 1.3.5 has been released. It's a bugfix release. Changes from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5 are:

- fixed all bugs reported for version 1.3.4.
- implemented feature request #459014: vim syntax file.
- should run out-of-the-box with JDK 1.1 again.

Posted by Gerwin Klein 2001-10-09