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Version 0.3.1 released

After a few years of inactivity, I picked up this project again. After reviewing the code, I have to tell that this is not the kind of product I would recommend for usage. However, there are people using this little program, thus there must be good aspects to it as well. As a result, I started making tiny improvements to the program, trying to improve small things while not breaking anything. Version 0.3.1 is the first release following these small efforts, fixing small memory leaks and removing dead code. Enjoy!... read more

Posted by apulix 2014-08-11

Translationed version released


today I released a translated version of jFileCrypt 0.3.0, now named 0.3.0t.
It shares the same code base as 0.3.0 but includes the following languages:
Brazilian Portugese

Thank you for translating, guys!

If you see any errors or other problems, please send me a short mail or post it in our forums, I'll try to help you.



Posted by ybasket 2010-07-14

New Version 0.3.0

Hello everybody,

as promised, I released a beta version of jFileCrypt 0.3.0.

Though it ran very stable during my tests, it should not be used
for important files until it has been tested on many different systems.
It would be great if many of you test it and tell me your opinion, problems or bugs you found by mail or by posting them here on sourceforge.

Furthermore, I'm searching for translators. If you speak english or german and any other language, it would be great if you help to translate jFileCrypt. This task should not take longer than half an hour per language. Just mail me if you're interested.... read more

Posted by ybasket 2010-06-13

Restart of development

Hello everybody,

yesterday I started to redevelop jFileCrypt starting with the old 0.2.1 source.
The new code is available via SVN (it compiles, so you can test it) and has several new features:

1) a new archive format (technically, it is a encrypted zip, but the zip is encrypted as whole not every separately)
2) automatic SHA-1 hash calculation and verification to detect damaged files
3) Some little GUI improvements, like a dialog when pressing "stop" to tell you what's gonna happen...
4) jFileCrypt now encrypts using the CBC cipher mode, which is much safer than the previously used ECB.
5) you're now asked where to store your archive and the decrypted files, so you don't need to follow the defaults anymore.... read more

Posted by ybasket 2010-06-10

0.2.1 translated


i uploaded the translated version of jFileCrypt 0.2.1.
Unfortunately it doesn't support all the languages of 0.2.0t yet,
but the following are included:

- German
- English
- French
- Arabic
- Catalan
- Spain
- Portugese
- Slovak
- traditional Chinese

We are happy about everyone deciding to help us!


Posted by ybasket 2007-03-25

english language Bug fixed

Sorry, but i did a big misstake.
The version which was available to download from 17.00 o'clock until now has no support for the english language. It is only german. I replaced it with a correct version and i want to apologize.

Please download the new version again,


Posted by ybasket 2007-03-05

jFileCrypt 0.2.1 available

i loaded up our new version, 0.2.1.
It's more a bugfix release than a major version,
but we implemented a better password handling
which asks two times whenever you encrypt a file.
This keeps you from making a misstake which can be
very dangerous for your files.

Of course, we need every help we can get, so if you found a bug
or have an idea for improving jFIleCrypt, post it at the forum.
We also need translators.... read more

Posted by ybasket 2007-03-05

Translated version of jFileCrypt

Today i released an 0.2.0t (t is for translated), which improvement
are the eleven new translations. Now jFileCrypt supports the following languages:

- English
- German
(were already included in 0.2.0)
- Arabic
- Catalan
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Dutch
- Portugese
- Romanian
- Slovak
- Turkish
- Traditional Chinese
- (Russian and Afrikaans are following)

Thanks all translators for their great job!... read more

Posted by ybasket 2006-10-24

jFileCrypt 0.2.0 released

In this important release, we changed many things and added great new features. Some of them:

- new GUI (thx to apulix, great work)
- new dialog with information about the selected algorithm
- an about dialog (should be standard, i know)
- a complete redesign, the source file count is now 20 (was 3)
- the redesign follows the MVC model
- a commandline interface, perfect for servers and automatic backups
- variable passowrd length for algorithms
- you can stop the work
- much better JavaDoc
...... read more

Posted by ybasket 2006-09-24

jFilecrypt 0.1.4 released

Today we released the promised version 0.1.4.
In this version, the following features are added:
- the promised support for zip-archives
- new gui (designed by apulix)
- fixed a bug with the progressbar
- and some other bugfixes
I hope you will have much fun with it. If you have some questions, problems or if you are an intereted developer, start a new Tracker or mail us.


Posted by ybasket 2006-05-26

New Project Admin : apulix

As the title tells, our project has a new admin :
Good Luck, apulix!!!

Posted by ybasket 2006-04-15

jFileCrypt 0.1.4 with zip-archives

jFileCrypt 0.1.4 will have 2 important changes:

- the gzip-compression will be removed because its problems and its unusability.But the new version will have a

- support for zip-archives. It replaces the problematic gzip-compression support and it doesn't need external applications
(this mean, it is usable under windows, too).

The new version will be released this month, so look after it.


Posted by ybasket 2006-02-07

jfileCrypt 0.1.3 final

jFileCrypt 0.1.3 final is now released. A new feature is the promised
support for easier directory encryption. Choose a directory and all file in it will be encrypted. For the next Releases a zip-compression
is planned. I would be happy if someone is interested to become a developer of jFileCrypt, so interested people should send me a short mail(ybasket@users.sourceforge.net) and start as early as it's possible.... read more

Posted by ybasket 2006-01-22

jFileCrypt 0.1.3 Beta

Now the Beta with the gzip-support is released,
the promised directoy-feature comes in the stable-version.
If there are any problems or interested Developers,
please mail to the new mailing-list jfilecrypt-main.
Have fun!!!

Posted by ybasket 2006-01-16

jFileCrypt 0.1.3 comes

In the next days jFileCrypt 0.1.3 will be ready for releasing.
New Features:
- You can choose a dircetory and all files in it will be encrypted.
- GZIP- Compression


Posted by ybasket 2006-01-08


This is the news forum for jFileCrypt.
I hope everybodey will have fun at developing and using it.

Yannick Heiber

Posted by ybasket 2006-01-02