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JFaceDbc / News: Recent posts

JFaceDbc 3.0

JFaceDbc 3.0 is available as a commercial product at
JFaceDbc is no more an open source package.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2004-04-07


It's a big amount! Thanks to all people using JFaceDbc.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2004-01-20

jfacedbc 2.2.1 Released

SQL queries can be cancelled (if JDBC drivers allow it!) - Connection Info View displays all available db infos. - robustness has been improved - fixed bug on closing connections

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2004-01-15

JFaceDbc 2.2.0 Released

- Gef is no longer required as it's included inside JFaceDbc. That should mean less setup issues.
- Small Improvements to the Hibernate extension

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-12-30

JFaceDbc 2.1.2 Released!

- Better support for Eclipse 3.0M5
- Added public methods to SessionTreeNode

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-12-19

JFaceDbc 2.1.1

New Features:
- support multiple result-sets
- Oracle plugin has new wizard to execute stored procedures, function and packages
- Support for Eclipse 3.0M5

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-11-24

JFaceDbc 2.1.0

New Features:
- Graphical Database Visualizer (using GEF)
- Table Direct Editing
- explain plan visualizer for the Oracle Plugin
- getting database metadata has been time-improved.

Bugs and Improvements:
- Fixed bugs n. 812964, 803088,800325, 815624
- RFE 817190, 811660

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-10-13

New Binary for release 2.0

I've just submitted a new binary file for release 2.0. There are not changes in the source files.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-09-15

Release 2.0 is broken

Release 2.0 is broken, there are a couple of issues related to directory names. I'll release a new version to fix these problems

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-09-15

JFaceDbc 2.0 Released

Created an update site at
New Plugin: support for Sybase and Sql Server.
New Plugin: sql editor enhancement.
Documentation: updated the docs.
Bug fixed: the 'more rows' action didn't work some times because the result set was closed.
Bug fixed: the column in the sql history view can be resized.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-09-12

JFaceDbc 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

Added a new view containing the sql history
Catalog support: You can switch the database catalog inside the SQL Editor
Extension API: support for database with catalogs
Database structure view: In the Columns tab, the data can be sorted clicking on the column headers
Bug fixed: it's possible to sort the result set by clicking on the column headers.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-08-29

JFaceDbc 2.0beta1

Completely re-written the user interface so that JFaceDbc should be perfectly integrated with Eclipse. There is no more a stand-alone application: JFaceDbc can be run only as an Eclipe Plugin.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-07-21


An improved version, with some bug fixed.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-05-30

JFaceDbc 1.2

JFaceDbc 1.2 has been released.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-05-07

JFaceDbc 1.2rc3 Released

Improved the Oracle Extension (editing of procedures,functions,packages,triggers). Fixed bug 707046 and RFE 714125 (running JFaceDbc with jdk1.3). A little work on the docs

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-04-08

15.000 Download

15.000 Download since June 2002. Not bad, in my opinion.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-03-21

JFaceDbc 1.2rc2 Released

JFaceDbc 1.2rc2 Released. New Features:
Column Reordering.
Bug closed: too many cursors opened

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-03-20

JFaceDbc 1.2rc1 Released

Improved SQL code completion of table names
Added "Clear" button on sql editor
Added a context menu on the database tree structure
Added a Foreign Key tab view
History pages can be closed

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-03-04

JFaceDbc 1.2beta3 Released

Fixed all problems with version1.2b2

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-02-03

JFaceDbc 1.2beta2 Released

- Fixed bug N. 667764 (alias deleting not working)
- Preferences are integrated in Eclipse
- Fixed db2 driver class name

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-01-22

JFaceDbc 1.2beta1 Released

JFaceDbc 1.2beta1 Released: now JFaceDbc can be used as an Eclipse perspective.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2003-01-14

JFaceDbc 1.2alpha2 Released

Added the history panel, showing all the previous queries. Connections can now be auto-commit.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2002-12-16

JFaceDbc 1.2alpha1

Released JFaceDbc 1.2alpha1.
New Features:
1) an oracle extension.
2) sintax highlighting of table and columns names.
3) autocomplete of table names (Ctrl+ Backspace)

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2002-11-28

JFaceDbc 1.0.1

JFaceDbc 1.0.1 has been released.

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2002-11-21

JFaceDbc 1.0 rc2

New Relase

Posted by Andrea Mazzolini 2002-11-02