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Jext 5.0.1

This release fixes a bug which was preventing Python script executed from within Jext to access standard modules. This entails that PyBrowse and XMLBrowse work again.

Posted by Romain Guy 2004-08-18

Jext 5.0

A special version for J2SE 5.0 with a new look and feel.

Posted by Romain Guy 2004-07-07

Plugins updates

Decalco and PlasticSkin are now 1.1. The first allows you to choose the picture position in background (left/right, top/bottom and center) while the later offers to choose a color theme in the options pane. Enjoy.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-05-05

Jext RPM for Linux

You can now download Jext as a RPM package for Linux. This provides users the latest stable release of Jext, 3.2pre3. RPM users will also get two new and exclusive splash screens. Enjoy !

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-04-16

Platypus and donuts

Do you like Platypus ? Do you like donuts ? Well, Jext 3.2pre4 development has started and is due for this summer. We are planning to do lot of things into the core. While waiting for our "previews" or the pre-release (jeez, isn't that weird ? :-) or for first CVS commits, you can admire our new splash screens, entitled "donut feed the troll" and "say `no` to platypus". See the first news on for links. Oh, and while we're at it, a big thanks to for hosting OSS/FS projects !

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-04-10

Jext 3.2pre3

Enjoy it :-)

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-04-07

Two new plugins

Decalco (to add a background picture) and PlasticSkin (which adds LnF to Jext) are available for download.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-03-02

Jext special edition

Check out to get the latest release of Jext. It is a preview of Jext 3.2pre3. In fact it is a snapshot of Jext's author Jext installation, the one he uses to develop every single day. This release comes with powerfuls plugins (renewed PHP one, Gooey to control Winamp 2.x, Decalco to put nice pictures in background, SQL Console 1.7, bug fixed Project Master...) and new features (skins support, PHP background highlighting...). Go and grab it !

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-02-28

Happy programming

Check out the new Fun category in the screenshots section of the web site. My canadians pals (I'm french, but I'm in Canada for a few months) asked me to hack Jext to achieve a particular purpose... this two lines of code hack is going to become a brand new plugin.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-02-27

PHP highlighting

Go to the web site, in the Features screenshots gallery, to discover the new PHP highlighting feature. Soon to be extended to JSP.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-02-27

Gooey for Winamp / Jext

Gooey is a new plugin which allows you to remote control your Winamp 2.x from within Jext.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-02-25

PHP gurus wanted !

I need PHP gurus which would volunteer to help me maintaining and improving Jext web site. If you do know PHP well and like Jext, this is the only reward I'll ever ask you : HELP ME PLEASE :-) I'm running out of time, I'm sleeping 4 hours a day and still, I have many many things to do.

Jext web site code was created in about 3 days, adding 3 more days to debug/improve it. The main problems today are these ones :... read more

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-02-14

New web site for Jext

The new web site for Jext source code editor is now online. It provides new features and it is way easier to administrate. You can also track our latest news through Mozilla sidebar, or by using our public XML and RDF news files. Enjoy !

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-01-26

New plugins and plugins update

Don't miss Server Mapping and Jump plugins (the latest just rocks :-). Also don't forget to update your SQL Console to version 1.6 which brings JDBC connections !

Posted by Romain Guy 2002-12-27

3.2pre2 is out !

It brings out a new Jext.exe, a few bug fixes and a new feature concerning words selection/move.

Posted by Romain Guy 2002-11-24

Jext 3.1 final !

Enjoy :))

Posted by Romain Guy 2002-08-11