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Decalco and PlasticSkin are now available in release 1.1. PlasticSkin now let you choose your color theme while Decalco let you position the picture in the background.

Posted by Romain Guy 2003-05-05

New plugins on CVS (also JexMMS!)

I've now added a lot of Jext plugins(even new released ones) to the CVS repos. Between them there is JexMMS( I patched a little bit the build system; however the original 0.9 is tagged).

Posted by Paolo 2003-01-29

JSwatPlugin available

On CVS there is a very first version of the JSwatPlugin, that I ported to Jext. I've released it just now. Report any bug please on this project's forums!

Posted by Paolo 2003-01-19

Start using this project

Now the project has started. Checkout the Admin module and read readme.txt. It contains a lot of instructions about using this project and most of all the build.xml file, which is an Ant buildfile to manage plugins and CVS access. Remember this project is tied to the jext one, on sourceforge at and on its site at

Posted by Paolo 2003-01-05