#17 Eclipse Plugin to view Objects that return MathML toString()

David Boden

When working with mathematical objects in Java, one normally has to cope with a makeshift toString() method which does the best job possible of ASCII-formatting a representation of the state.
For example, you might represent a matrix like:
(1, 2),
(3, 4)

This is pretty lame in comparison to what JEuclid could render to the developer.

So, as an alternative we could consider that an Object could a full MathML XML document with its toString() method. Then, as long as there was a plugin for the debug window which understood MathML and could render it to the user, we could see a representation of the object in its full glory :)

Screenshot attached.


  • Max Berger

    Max Berger - 2009-08-22
    • priority: 5 --> 2

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