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#22 various problems in mml2xxx


I ran mml2xxx.bat from the trunk minimal distribution version of JEuclid (from "jeuclid-minimal-3.1.2-distribution.zip") on 64-bit Windows XP Professional, and noticed the following problems:

1. Colors and font sizes cannot be changed. The -foregroundColor, -backgroundColor, and -fontSize flags have no effect.

2. Quotes that wrap the input file specification are unaccepted by the software when the input file specification uses the asterisk for multiple files (eg. "*.xml" fails to work, but *.xml works). This could be a problem if a directory path that contains spaces is involved, such as "c:\my files\*.xml", since quotes are needed to hold the path name together.

3. Cannot specify an output file name. Must provide a directory for output, even if a single file was specified.

4. In the command line help that appears when you enter mml2xxx.bat with no arguments, some of the lines are too long for a DOS box that is 80 characters wide. These long lines wrap around and make it difficult to read through the list of command line parameters. A small amount of reformatting would fix this.

Many thanks for your time and effort!



  • Max Berger

    Max Berger - 2008-08-22

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    thank you for your comments. It looks like I'll need to release a bugfix version soon, as some issues you pointed out are rather serious.

    1) Fixed in trunk - they where only used for file->file (which was broken) and not files->dir.

    2) This is due to the way windows does things: Try closing the quotes before the *, e.g. "C:\my files\"*.mml [will not fix]

    3) fixed in trunk - this is rather serious b/c it breaks functionality completely

    4) This is actually a bug in the commons-cli library used for command-line parsing and help-printing - They have fixed it in trunk, and it will be available whenever there will be a new commons-cli release - so at this time this is unfortunately not easy fixable.


  • Max Berger

    Max Berger - 2008-08-24
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