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Jet3D: v2.6.0 Released

Jet3D is a robust 3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering. Jet3D offers realtime editing, advanced lighting features, 3D modeling support, seamless soft-skin polygonal characters and many other innovations.

Merry Christmas!! The Jet3D Team is proud to announce the release of Jet3D v2.6.0. Enjoy!!

Posted by Anthony Rufrano 2008-12-16

Development Ahead Full Steam

There is a small development team that is working on this engine again. There will be a point release sometime next week with all the fixes and additions that we've made.

Posted by Anthony Rufrano 2005-02-09

Jet3D Tutorials Are Online

There are Jet3D tutorials online over at the home page. Just click the Home Page link at the top of this page.

Posted by Anthony Rufrano 2003-07-31

Another Jet3D HOME page update

The site is now back to

Posted by Anthony Rufrano 2003-07-27

jet3d HOME page update

SourceForge is now host for the Jet3D web site. is retired. Click on the 'Home' link in the top tool bar for this project to go to the site.

Posted by Tom Morris 2003-06-23

jStudio3D - Jet3D repackaged

I am happy to release jStudio3D ver. 2.1.

This release is essentially a reorganized and slightly updated Jet3D enterprise package. Download jStudio3D instead of the traditional Jet3D ver.2.07 package.

This release contains built binaries and all source code for the following:
* Jet3d Engine
* jDesigner3D (a renamed jEdit)
* jMinApp
* Actor Studio for Jet3D
* Latest Jet3D world object files

In addition, this release includes some texture, and actor resources that were not included in Jet3D ver. 2.07. Also, a short tutorial web is included.... read more

Posted by Tom Morris 2003-05-25

On second thought... probably not

At this point, it seems best NOT to resume Jet3D development. I recently contacted several of the former Jet3D contributors to ask them what their opinion was about renewed efforts. Everyone agreed that it is probably best not to exert energy trying to improve Jet3D.

Their remarks are consistent with my own assessment of Jet3D, the engine and the editor. The foundations are laid out in ways that make it extremely difficult to improve. All past experts I have spoken with agrree that is would be far easier to start from scratch than to continue on with the refinement of Jet3D.... read more

Posted by Tom Morris 2002-04-24

Jet3D Development to be Resumed

I am happy to announce the resumption of Jet3D development. After more than a year and a half in torpor, organized work on the engine will continue, building on the hard work of previous contributors.

If you have worked on this project before, please email me at...

And as soon as I can work out the administrative details, will rejoin the webwaves. More later...


Posted by Tom Morris 2002-04-07

Project on Hold

Unfortunately, the Jet3D project has been put on hold for now. Hootie has taken over the project and decided to instead revamp the older Genesis3D
engine and call it "Genesis3D Classic". In a few months he's planning to start work on Jet3D again.
If you read through the Jet3D/Genesis3D forums (particularly the announcements sections) at and, you'll get a better picture of where things stand. My suggestion to you is either use Genesis3D Classic and follow the upgrade path to Jet3D when they make one, or look into using an alternative 3D
engine. Whichever you choose, you should read the forums on those pages if you want to keep up with engine developments.

Posted by Aaron Oneal 2000-12-23

Jet3D Release 2.0.7

Jet3D version 2.0.7 is now available for download. This release fixes the debug lib.

Posted by Aaron Oneal 2000-08-03

Jet3D Release 2.0.6

Jet3D version 2.0.6 is now available for download. This release fixes several bugs and adds a few new features.

Posted by Aaron Oneal 2000-06-08

First Packaged Release - 2.0.3b1

The first packaged release from the CVS was posted today. For those of you who haven't been pulling and compiling the sources from the CVS, this is for you.

Posted by Aaron Oneal 2000-03-07

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