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Version 1.7 available

This version improves the (partial) OWL support. In addition to bug fixes, there is now a full-name function, which returns the internal full name of a Protege OWL resources.

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2010-05-14

Version 1.6 available

Version 1.6 is a bug fix release that addresses some lockup problems under Protege/OWL.

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2006-11-20

Version 1.5 available

Minor bug fixes. Changed Java package for JessTab to se.liu.ida.JessTab

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2006-11-06

Repository migrated to SVN

The JessTab source-code repository has been migrated from CVS to Subversion. Use the following command to check out the current version anonymously:

svn co jesstab

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2006-10-16

Version 1.4 available

Bug fixes.

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2005-10-16

Version 1.3 available

This version fixes a bug that prevented JessTab from working correctly with OWL knowledge bases under Protg 3.1

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2005-09-08

Version 1.1 available

New JessTab version 1.1 available for Protg 1.9 and 2.0.

- Added support for multiple Jess engines working on the same Protg knowledge base.

- Added break button to interrupt runaway Jess engines.

- Added support for OWL knowledge bases in Protg (requires installation of OWL).
The usual JessTab knowledge-base operations work for OWL KBs.
For example, the defclass and make-instance functions create OWL classes and individuals, respectively.... read more

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2004-01-08

Version 1.0 available

Version 1.0 final. Includes support for PAL communication. Many bugs fixed.

Posted by Henrik Eriksson 2002-12-27