#2 GEF and Draw2d package rename fix


I am a random nobody, but I decided to download the
source and rename the packages to get this thing
working on Eclipse 2.0. I have attached
reportdesigner_0.0.2.zip which is an exact duplicate of
the existing one except the packages have been
renamed. In other words, you should be able unzip it in
your eclipse directory, and the plugin will be available.
No other changes were made, and no bugs were fixed--
only the packages were renamed. The change is
reflected in all appropriate files--plugin.xml,
ReportDesignersrc.zip and ReportDesigner.jar. Hopefull
this will allow more folks to play with this tool and we
can get development rolling again.


  • Nathan W. Phelps

    Updated version of existing zip with packaged renamed.

  • Nathan W. Phelps

    Logged In: YES

    Note: You will need to add the 3rd party libararies to the lib
    dir of the plugin. This includes all the items listed in the
    plugin-xml file. NOTICE: I used the upgraded version of itext.

  • Ben Plantinga

    Ben Plantinga - 2003-01-14

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for getting this working with eclipse 2.0+ (I'm
    working with 2.1).
    It looks like a promising plugin, now that I can take a look
    at it.

    It appears that it only can view Jasper report files (and
    has errrors with some of them) and not edit them. Is this

    It doesn't appear that there has been much activity from the
    developers/maintainers of this project. If I have some
    time, I might try my hand at doing some further development
    of this plugin.



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