#7 Syntax Highlighting to Have Unlimited Number of Token Types



I found the fixed number of token types in jEdit very restrictive and unpleasant. When I have some combined code (HTML + PHP + evt. JavaScript + CSS), jEdit colors everything in the similar colors. But having blocks written in different language looking different would be so nice...

I studied jEdit's highlighting definition syntax and figured out that this is not limited by the highlighting system, but by the number of token

I've tried jEdit and found that with plugins, it
has all features I look for to switch from my favorite but old editor, HomeSite (which's developement has already ended), EXCEPT for the genial syntax coloring of HomeSite... See the screenshots in attachments. (Intentionally synthetized mix of all languages together, what is bad practice).

So, my feature request is:

As far as the "parsing" system is capable of the feature I ask for, and even the mode files would not have to be rewritten, I guess this is only a matter of the following:

Let's not have fixed set of token types; instead, let's track all necessary token types of each mode and let it be configurable similarly to shortcuts:
1) Separate color configuration for each mode, and
2) Global default color config for certain token types (comment, keyword1,
operator), which would be applied if the specific mode setting would be "use default for this token type".

Ondra Žižka


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