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JDraw not working with JRE/JDK 6.0

Sorry about that. I'll look into it in the near future... Stay tuned.

Posted by Michaela Behling 2008-01-24

JDraw v1.1.5 released

JDraw release v1.1.5

- Menu "File -> Last files..." added for reopening image files
- Open and save directory are stored between sessions to reduce browsing
- Window size and location are stored between sessions
- Plastic3DLookAndFeel is default Look&Feel, if available.
(see: http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/looks/index.html\)
The command line option -lf takes precedence though.
- Moved "Edit->FillTolerance" into "File->Settings"
- Plastic jar (JDraw including Plastic3D Look&Feel) added to release files.
- Unsaved changes are indicated by an asterisk (*) in JDraw's window title.
- "Lose changes?" dialog added.
- Global/local palette bugs fixed.
- GIFReader: transparent colour bug fixed.... read more

Posted by Michaela Behling 2006-05-03

JDraw v1.1.4 released

JDraw release v1.1.4

- Images can now be saved as JPEGs. The output quality is configurable.
- 32bit Icons: Bug with transparent colours fixed.
- WebStart links on the project's homepage should finally work :)

Posted by Michaela Behling 2005-12-15

JDraw version 1.1.3 released

JDraw release v.1.1.3

- True colour icons with alpha channel
(32bit) are now supported.
- The Font Dialog isn't modal any more to
let you change the foreground and
background colours while choosing a font.
- You can now configure which Look&Feel is
used. Check the project's homepage for

Please note: JDraw now needs J2SDK1.4 or
higher. J2SDK1.3 is not longer supported.

Posted by Michaela Behling 2004-11-11

Version v1.1.2 released

JDraw Version v1.1.2

New: File Parameter
As a new feature JDraw can now be started with
a file argument to open a picture at startup.

New: Java Web Start
You can now launch JDraw from the project's
homepage using Java Web Start.

Fixed: Minor bugs
Some minor bugs were fixed as well.

Happy pixeling...


Posted by Michaela Behling 2004-05-21

To pixel or not to pixel... (v1.1.1)

Version 1.1.1 has been released.
- As a new function the outline of a text
can now be drawn.
- A nasty bug was fixed that made the colour
reduction and compress functions crash
- Antialias can be toggled again when drawing
- The filebrowser's preview in the jdk1.4
version is updated correctly now

Happy pixeling!

Posted by Michaela Behling 2004-01-15

True colour icons... (v1.1)

Version 1.1 has been released. JDraw can now handle true colour icons.
And Windows users don't have to worry about blanks in the installation
path any more.

Happy pixeling!

Posted by Michaela Behling 2004-01-03

Stable pixels... (v1.0)

JDraw's first stable version has been released. Well, there were hardly any bug reports, so we decided to choose a non-beta release name for a change. :)
You can now Ctrl-click when filling; this will replace colours in the complete frame. Text antialiasing has been improved and now considers the text's background correctly.

Happy new year!

Posted by Michaela Behling 2004-01-02

All those pixels... (v1.3beta)

JDraw's version 1.3beta is now available.

The following problems were fixed. Colour removal and filling have been reimplemented and should be stable now. The transparent
colour of GIF images is recognized correctly again.

There are two new features. The filling tool has been enhanced and now considers tolerance values while replacing colours. The other new feature is an image browser that searches a given directory recursively for image files. This tool is especially meant for those of you working with the jdk1.3 version, because their file browser doesn't show previews.... read more

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-19

Release of version 1.2.2beta

A new version of JDraw has been released!
Developer version 1.2.2beta offers two
new features:

Floating clips can now be flipped and rotated
by 90. Check the "Edit" menu.

The second feature makes use of Java's class
javax.swing.GrayFilter and let's you grayscale
a frame. Check the "Frame" menu.

JDraw Project Summary:

JDraw Homepage:
http://jdraw.sourceforge.net... read more

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-15

Happy weekend release v1.2.1beta

As part of the v1.2beta package we release
version 1.2.1beta including the new rotate feature and several bugs fixes.

Version v1.2.1beta
- new feature: rotating frames
- new keyboard shortcuts
- colour reduction reimplemented (pretty quick now)
- compress bug fixed
- .ico-save bug fixed
- Browser preview bug fixed (jdk1.4 only)

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-13

Pixels, pixels everywhere...

A new version of JDraw is released!
This new developer release is version 1.2beta and let's you scale images. Some bugs with reducing colours and viewing animated GIFs were fixed as well.

Happy pixeling....

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-11

Mea maxima culpa...

I somehow messed up the file upload for the
new devel and beta versions. Sorry 'bout that.
Please always check JDraw's version information
in the window title after you downloaded a new
And feel free to complain! :)

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-10

GIF support has improved

GIF images are now read more robustly. JDraw suggests a second try if its first attempt fails.
This fallback mechanism should produce a result, but won't support multiple frames.

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-10

Let there be more pixels...

JDraw now supports Windows' .ico format! Just update your version to v1.1beta!

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-10

Let there be pixels...

A new pixel editor is available at Sourceforge.net!
Have a look at JDraw: http://jdraw.sourceforge.net

Posted by Michaela Behling 2003-12-08