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JDiveLog 2.18 released

We just released version 2.18 of JDiveLog.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2012-12-26

JDiveLog 2.15 released

We just released version 2.15 of JDiveLog.
New features include smoother drawing of profile and support for firmware 1.80 of OSTC MK2

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2011-01-20

JDiveLog 2.7 released

Unfortunately we had a bug in release 2.6 which prevented Settings to be saved. This is fixed now. Also there were some timeout problems on communication with the OSTC, which have also been fixed. There is also a new Configuration Utility for the OSTC, as well as an Autodetection of the OSTC-Protocol-Version

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2008-01-15

JDiveLog 2.6 released

The long awaited version 2.6 of JDiveLog has been released.
It has a lot of new features, e.g. support for the great Open Source Divecomputer OSTC by HeinrichsWeikamp, a Configuration Panel for Suunto Computers, Czech translation, ...
And a lot of Bugfixes and minor improvements, too.

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2008-01-10

JDiveLog 2.6 coming soon!

The new version of JDiveLog is coming the next days.
New features include support for the great Open Source Dive Cimputer (OSTC) by HeinrichsWeikamp, Czech translation, Suunto Configuration Utility, ...

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2008-01-08

JDiveLog 2.5 released

Downloading of Diveprofiles from Suunto Gekko Computer is now supported

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2007-06-15

JDiveLog 2.4 released

we had some problems with the aladin interface in the last version, as well as fields which have been cleared on some systems. these problems are fixed now.
so please use this version instead of 2.4!

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2007-05-10

JDiveLog 2.3 released

New Features: Added Gas Blending Utility, JDiveLog now supports both, the Java Comm API and the RXTX-2.1 standalone version, Added panel for diagnostics (hints about possible installation problems).

Bugfixes: Fixed problems with the installer (some Fields have not been replaced), Fixed problems with Gas Switch rendering, Fixed problems with Gas Switch on Suunto Computers, Fixed problems clearing fields (sac, depth, avg depth, ...)

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2007-04-29

JDiveLog 2.1 released

- corrections in french translations
- added printing of dive lists
- added documentation
- fixed comm-timeout in suunto dive computer interface on systems without local echo
- fixed bug when displaying profiles with multiple gases
- added partial update of generated web page (only changed dives)
- added copying of generated web page to server via scp (local user must be trusted on remote side)
- added finnish translation
- fixed pressure information on import of suunto sdm files
- fixed unit conversion of tank volume in equipment sets
- fixed NullPointerException in statistics when no sites are specified on a dive
- panels in divesite statistics now resizable
- fixed problem with sorting of logbook
- fixed problem when starting slideshow on sorted logbook

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2006-08-12

JDiveLog 2.0 released

- added dive planning
- added slideshow function
- added rotation of images
- refactored site management (including many new fields)
- redesigned aladin dive computer interface
- added context menu on gloves and suit fields
- bugfix in profile comparison
- slight improvements in generated web page
- added export of equipment
- improvements/bugfixes in import filters (wlog and datatrak)

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2006-01-24

JDiveLog 1.3 released

- added computer interface for Aladin computers.
- improvements in search functionality. improved syntax, +/- marks mandatory / forbidden words, use double-quotes to search for whole strings. added statistics for the result-set.
- improvements in import functionalities (preview of downloaded / imported dives).
- added preview of dive profiles during import.
- added comparison of dive profiles. right-click on dive profile...
- added cross-hairs cursor in dive profile to see exact depth and time. to enable right-click on dive profile...
- added ignore button in import window to avoid selection of dives which you don't want in your logbook. e.g course or pool lessons.
- added picture name and description to exported website.

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2005-10-16

JDiveLog 1.2 released

- bugfixes in suunto interface
- added search functionality
- added calculation of minute volume (amv)
- added IzPack installer
- fixed NullPointerException during startup when settings window has not been opened on first usage.

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2005-08-05

JDiveLog 1.1 released

JDiveLog 1.1 has been released (16.07.2005). Release 1.1 has a few bugfixes in management of masterdata (buddies, activities, ...).
new features:
- management of equipments (much less typing...)
- .bat file for start on windows machines
- JDiveLog restores its size and position when starting. It also reopens the last opened file.

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2005-07-16

JDiveLog 1.0 released

JDiveLog 1.0 has been released (14.07.2005).
Release 1.0 has many improvements such as downloading profile data from Suunto dive computers, import of logbook data from WLog and DataTrack. There are also new statistics on dive partners, dive places, countries, ...
The whole configuration has been rewritten and is in a separate configuration window.
Comments are welcome!
Give it a try and have fun!

Posted by Pascal Pellmont 2005-07-13