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JDBM 0.12 Released

Version 0.12 is a bug-fix release. Existing users are encouraged to upgrade.

Please see changelog for more information.

Posted by Alex Boisvert 2001-08-28

JDBM 0.11 released

A new scalable B+Tree data structure was added, providing support for large ordered persistent object collections.

Posted by Alex Boisvert 2001-05-19

JDBM 0.10 release

This is a bug fix and performance enhancement release.
Code is stable and passes all regression tests.

Posted by Alex Boisvert 2001-04-05

JDBM 0.9 released

JDBM 0.9 is a beta for 1.0, and contains most of the functionality planned for 1.0 (in a 45k jar file). We have made a preliminary binary release available, which is recommended because the API docs in there give you the minimal interface you need to get going.

Posted by Cees de Groot 2000-05-08

Version 0.081 released

Version 0.081 fixes an important database corruption bug. See release information for more details.

Posted by Alex Boisvert 2000-04-13


Welcome to the jdbm project!

I started this project around Xmas 1999 in order to help the Exolab guys (http://www.exolab.org) to a simple persistence mechanism. As it stands, it has already proven useful for a number of their projects. The original page for this software is at http://www.cdegroot.com/software/db.

The idea of this project is to enhance the package to something more akin to the dbm/ndbm/gdbm libraries under Unix. Specifically, this would mean addition of hashing and indexing schemes, and a very preliminary step towards extendible hashing (the first scheme to be implemented) has already been taken.

Posted by Cees de Groot 2000-04-03

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