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jday - version 2.4 release

The long awaited version of 2.4 is finally here. Updated to
use modern versions of autoconf. The format of the date output by j2d is now yyyy-mm-dd instead of the version 1.3
format of yyyy/mm/dd
There is a -v1 flag to j2d to make it output the older style
of date format.
Also added pkgconfig jday.pc file.
Additional utility of dbd - to calculate days between
dates. Also serves as an example usage of the libjday
library which is now installed as a development library along with its associated jday.h include file.
Example programs in PERL, AWK and JAVA also
perform the jday functions. Those are not as ancient
and honerably tested as the C source, but they do
function. They aren't installed, but they can be used
in the source directory.... read more

Posted by Hiram Clawson 2005-10-10

Julian Date Calculator release 1.3

project jday - Julian Date Calculator is now available
in PERL and PHP versions, and a C library interface
is available with example use program. See also:

Posted by Hiram Clawson 2002-11-12

Bug Fixed, Build Updated

I finally looked at the off by one day bug for year 0 Jan and Feb
and believe I have that fixed.

Also, I attempted to update the build system to use more
of the gnu build system. It now uses libtool to create a library
so these conversion functions can be used by other
application. However, in so doing I now find that the
build is broken on Solaris. make issues an unusual
error about macro expansion problems.... read more

Posted by Hiram Clawson 2002-06-10