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no more legacy releases

Ok, so after way to many people still downloaded the way outdated jd3lib packages from 2002 I felt I had to take some action so I removed all of the old files. I still have access to them just don't want anyone to download the old stuff and asking support for it. So please look at the release date when downloading something make sure to always get the newest release.


Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-09-22

Who is downloading jd3lib-a4 (a3, a2) ???

Ok, so this weekend was pretty good, looking at my download numbers, but after analysing it a bit mor in deeply I was like WTF ? I got 54 Downloads of the old (2002) jd3lib. It's 3 years old so I can't understand that anyone on this planet would want to download it, and not only the most current version no.
17x jd3lib-a4
And I really would like to know who was that and for what? Is the old lib of any use? Did you think it was something current? Please let me know cause if people really think that this old legacy stuff is actually still worth something then I have to change how the files are presented, because the org.jd3lib is the package where current development takes place and of course the ARClib Writer. So ya I'm looking forward to any emails or comments about this. ... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-07-03

ARClib Writer genres working

Just a very quick note I just implemented support for genres, it still needs some tuning but it's working and it just took me 10 minutes to implement which is really great.
Anyways just wanted to post that.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-06-06

new Releases

Ok I just released new versions of the ARClibWriter and the jd3lib. I fixed a couple of bugs in the ARClibWriter. Because of all the testing made with the ARClibWriter i was able to improve the jd3lib tag reading alot. Many smaller bugs have been repaired. That's a reason why I released a new Version. I also started to modularize the lib a bit more to be able to support Id3v2.2 and 2.4 so feel free to download and test. Please read the releasenotes of each release for more information... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-04-27

Second Preview of ARClib Writer

Today the jd3lib project released a new preview of the ARClib Writer the new version comes with WMA support and has a logging feature to make bugtracking after crashes easier. More discussion is going on at


Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-04-04

ARClib Writer 1.0 preview

Today the jd3lib project released the first preview release of the ARClib Writer software to write the ARClib MP3 library on the ARCHOS Gmini 220 and 120 MP3 Players, this programm uses the jd3lib and is developed parallel to the jd3lib to test the performance of the jd3lib library on the one hand and to provide an alternative to musicmatch jukebox for writing the ARClib to the MP3 players. With this release there was also a new Forum added to the Site and a new category (ARClib) for Bug and Feature Request Trackers was added.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-03-29

jd3lib-2005-01 arclib updates

Hey Everybody,
The next jd3lib release is comming up, the major updates will be in the ArcLib parts, but I also added some more funtionality to the ID3 area, including a more generic framework.The Arclib for Archos Gmini220 and 120 is going to replace MusicMatch Jukebox on Windows and adds the possibility to write the
Arclib to Linux.
Anyway, today I want to announce that a new version of the jd3lib ArcLib implementation for writing the ArcLib to a Gmini220 & 120 is coming along, it will be released be the end of this week here on https://sourceforge.net/projects/jd3lib/. It took me a while to work on the new version, but I think it was worth it. The new version will have support for:
-Artists, Albums and Songs lists (all sorted Albums by tracknumber if available rest a-z)
-Id3v2.3, Id3v1 Tags
I put a lot of effort in refactoring looking for modularity and extendability. The result is that it's possible to add and create pretty much every Liststyle you want just by adding a Class. So the coming weeks/months will bring full coverage of the Standard ArcLib features adding the Genres-List and of course the List of Playlists. I'm also looking into the posibility of other Lists, like year or mood, or different Sort orders like a Song list grouped
alphabeticaly so that you don't have to scroll through thousands of songs when looking for a song starting with e.g. "M" The support for different Tags will also be extended to cover Id3v2.2 and Id3v2.4 and maybe a Parser for filenames, when there is no Id3Tag available.WMA support will also follow if someone requests it. And a GUI is also in development to give the possibility to manage and control the Lists before adding them to the Gmini. So stay tuned for the release notice.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2005-03-01

jd3lib-2004-alpha3 with ID3v1 support

The 3rd Alpha has arrived, and the biggest change is the complete support of ID3v1 and a generic MetaData api to access ID3v2 and ID3v1 in the same way.
Also the ArcLib support has been greatly imporved but more to that in the Changelog and the Releasenotes.
I also made the Rollback to Java 1.4 complete and
added some Javadoc. Which is also included in the
released ZIP file. So have fun trying out, slowing this thing gets into shape.
Merry Xmas everybody.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-12-18

Rollback to Java 1.4

After some fiddling around it was possible to
make the lib compatible with Java 1.4 again, but
that doen't mean that the Library will stay 1.4
compatible for ever. But for now welcome back
MacOS users sorry for the JDK 1.5 problem.
I will release a new version of the Lib probably with
ID3v1 and ID3v2 support some time later this month


Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-12-09

Warning: java 1.5 needed

Unfortunately I used a method from Java 1.5 in the current alpha. So you need the newest Java JRE from the sun website. I was going to release a 1.4 version of the lib this weekend. But I am using to many of the features of 1.5 already and am goin to use more and more of it, because Java 1.5 is a great improvement over 1.4. Sorry for any inconvenince this may cause

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-11-26


Yes another release the second this month. Much hasn't changed on the actual library. But I implemented a feature to write an Archos Library file for the Gmini220 MP3 Player. A commandline utility is available under org.jd3lib.archoslib.Library it's still in an early development stage but already working quite well. Have fun trying it out.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-11-25

ArcLib support working

I was just able to run the first tests on the new ArcLib support for the Archos Gmini120 and 220. It's still not finished but I was able to write the first lists and display them on the MP3 Player. The next step is traversing a larger directory structure and generating lists for Artist, Title aso. I will release a new alpha by Wednesday so that interested developers can check out this brand new feature. It shows that the jd3lib is already useable. As soon as the ArcLib support is finished, I will continue working on the writing of ID3 Tags.
Have a great start into the new Week.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-11-21


It's finally here the november release if the jd3lib. From now on I'm planning to release a new version every month around the 15th.
A lot of new stuff got into the new release it's probably best to read the releasenotes and the changelog. I haven't included them into the downloadable file, just becase it's a quick snapsht developer release.
I just want to warn anyone who wants to ue this library. There hasn't been any testing on reading or writing of MP3 flies. So we can not take any responibility if your files get damaged. Please test on a copy of a file first before using it in a live system.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-11-17

Writing of ID3v2Tags

I improved some major parts in the new CVS commit.
First I have been working on the writing of the Tags a byte[]. The second big new implementation detail is the possibility for multiple frames, especially important for APIC Frames. The current code coverage with Junit test is at 66 % which is not great but for the fact that I haven't even strated the testing phase pretty good. But I still would love to have some more replies and people who would write Junit tests.
The next release will come with ID3v2 support like winamp, so a file written with the new org.jd3lib will work in Winamps Tag editor and vice versa.
This will show the general direction and proof the the library is useable. Reading of Id3v2.4 and Id3v2.2 tags is planned but right now I don't really know how I will implement it exactly. Id3v1 support will come next after the Winamp ID3v2.3 release.
Btw. Thank you so much for the support I saw that the project had been visited 1,598 times last month. That's not a huge number but the biggest since the project started, so I'm confident that the next months will bring even more visitors to the page.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-10-02

It's there

Here it is, the preview release as promised. Please note that it is a very early alpha version and not at all intended to be worked with. This is just a sneak peak on what to expect. I'm looking for any reply I can get.
Oh just a quick note, the project doesn't need JUnit to compile but the Testcases in the project need it of course. So either just remove all test classes or compile it with Junit.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-09-24

more tests and new features

I did some more testing with the Winamp adapter which lead to some new Constructors and Methods. I also updated some methods. So there is really some progress at the moment. An preview will be released on the weekend.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-09-21

improving the code

Hey all,
I ran a few metrics against my code and found some problems but corrected them rigth away. I also intrduced a new package called adapter. It will contain example implementations and more userfriendly adapters for special purposes. For example I'm just working on an adapter called Winamp. Which will be able to perform exactly the same ID3 editing tasks like winamp does. And it will hide as much as possible from the underlying system. Soon more about that.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-09-19

New CVS Commit

I made a new CVS commit the redesigned jd3lib can now be found in the package org.jd3lib please check it out and comment on the structure, I made some first test and until now the new design looks promising.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-08-29


Another day of development ends.
I made quite a bit of progress with the new Class structure. By using reflection I could moudularize a lot of the classes. Because one of the major flaws with the original version were that the classes were just to huge. Now the classes are much smaller but also there are more but in a better structure. I'm going to release a early access version to see what the general reaction will be to the new design.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-08-29

Made progress

I have been working on the library in silent lately because I haven't had a lot of time to access the net. I made quite a bit progress in making the lib more stable and error proof. I replaced a few algorithms and worked on the structure. So the next alpha is coming up. But to really being able to continue development I need help from every one. Most important in this phase are people who know JUnit. Because wee need tests. Especially for every single bug which is commited but this will not be enough. The goal is to have a complete coverage of every single line of code with Unit tests. If we can not achive this then we need to replace old code which can't be covered. I'll try to work on quite a few of the bugs in the next few month. At the moment I spent almost 3 hours daily working on the library. Most of the work is redesigning the existing structure to make them more flexible and easier to maintain.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2004-08-26

CVS restructuring

I completely reorganized the CVS if your check out the whole CVS tree, its a nice Eclipse project. I'll use Eclipse to make any further development on the jd3lib so i encourage everyone please use eclipse also its a great IDE if you did not try it yet this is a good opportunity to d so.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2003-10-18

Finaly got my Notebook

Well sorry that there wasn't any news in march, but i ordered a new notebook and well the needed 3 weeks to deliver it. So i couldn't really work in march. But now i can. I hope to get the Homepage with some more info up an running this month.

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2003-04-04

development continues in march

Hi everyone,
i'm glad that there is still interest in the jd3lib. Sorry that i didn't have time to respond to all Emails i got.
I had a lot of work last semester though there wasn't time to do anything here. But I learn a lot about object oriented design, and got some new tools to work with.
I think this will help to bring jd3lib forward. New design techniques will be applied, first of all the design will be reorganized so that as many patterns could be applied as usefull. If anyone has experience in pattern oriented design uml moddeling or has other ideas to make jd3lib better please contact me.... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2003-02-22

jd3Lib alpha 4 released

Finaly here is a new release of jd3lib. In the alpha 4 mainly bugfixes and some cleanup in the sourcecode were made. What exacktly was changed, is written in the Changelog.txt inside the released package. If you find any Bugs, file it at the Website. If you have a problem with reading a special mp3 file, attach the first 10.000 Bytes of that specific file. To your BugTracker. Because we don't have the Time to make extensive tests we need you to use the lib in the wild. If you have some comments, feature requests or what ever. Just post on the website... read more

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2002-10-24

new version on the horizon

hi every one,
the development continues. We are working on the next Version von the jd3Lib. It'll be the beginning of a major rewrite of the complete Library. Though we will deprecate some methods and classes and we will introduce new ones.
But we'll begin to fix some Bugs, too. All leading to a much more variable Library. With support for XML and a highly customizeable API.
So come back soon. When there will be the jd3Lib-a4

Posted by Andreas Grunewald 2002-10-04