#83 Highlighting previous directory does not work always

Matthias K

When changing from an directory to its parent
directory, usually the previous directory is
highlighted. There are cases in which this function
does not work: When one changes from an directory with
n entries (e.g. 10) to the parent directory, in which
it itself has an entrynumber greater then n (e.g. 12),
the highlighting does not work: The entry has the
correct color and looks hightlighted, but in fact the
cursor is on the first entry of list.


  • sky_HALud

    sky_HALud - 2006-03-11

    Logged In: YES

    I am unable to reproduce this bug. For me when getting out
    of a directory to the parent directory, the selection is
    always consistently on the last highlighted entry from that

    BTW What on what operating system are you running
    JCommander? I'm unable to reproduce the bug on Windows XP.

  • Matthias K

    Matthias K - 2006-03-12

    Logged In: YES

    I was able to reproduce the bug on my Windows XP and on an
    Laptop with Windows 2000. I did the following: I started in
    C:. From there I changed into "C:\System Volume
    Information", which is entry nr. 6 in C:. Itself contains
    no entries. Then I changed with ".." back to C:. Now
    "System Volume Information" was highlighted correctly, but
    when I pressed ARROW_DOWN, the cursor did not change to
    entry nr. 7 (TEMP), but nr. 2. Additionally, after changing
    back to C:\, althoug "System Volume Information" was
    highlighted, it did not have the fine dashed border, the
    cursor usually has. This border was around the first entry.

    It happend with Version 0.7 and an CVS-fetched Version from
    2 days ago.

    Should I add some screenshots?

  • sky_HALud

    sky_HALud - 2006-03-12

    Logged In: YES

    Yes, now I can reproduce it too. Thanks for the detailed

    The bug seems to appear only for certain directories from
    the root and not when navigating in the subdirectories. I am
    investigating this now.


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