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Docs available as separate download

The docs are available as a separate download.
Still a lot of Japanese, but translation is on its way!

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-09-17

Jcom (Java-to-Com bridge) release 2.2.4 is available !

This is the latest installment of Jcom.
As we are going through project leadership transition, this is probably the latest release contributed exclusively by Yoshinori Watanabe.

Here are his release notes:
I modified JCom.
I created new jp.ne.so_net.ga2.no_ji.jcom.VariantError class.
VT_ERROR <-> VariantError

Going forward, there is an effort in progress for english translation, migration to ant for built, and refactoring and unit tests.
The sources are now also under CVS.
Enjoy it!

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2004-06-21

Project homepage link is set.

Project-homepage link was set to Original homepage.
But I have a plan to move into SourceForge homepage area.

Posted by Toshiki IGA 2000-10-17

JCom 2.2.0-1 Release.

JCom pre-release version 2.2.0-1 is released.
It include both source code and binary.
It run only on Windows platforms.
This release is bug fix release.
But this release contains documents only written in Japaniese.

Posted by Toshiki IGA 2000-10-17