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JCaiF Downloads Milestone

According to Sourceforge's download count, there have been more than 2000 downloads of JCaiF and Sonar packages!

Interest in JCaiF and Sonar continues to grow as we reach out to new developers and researchers. If you would like to contribute to the growth of this project, please let us know on the Forums.

Posted by Michael hall 2007-07-02

Upcoming 0.8 Features

Here is a glimpse at some of the new features being added for version 0.8:

* Referencing Objects - You will be able to reference previously defined objects (SurveyQuestions, ComponentContainers, ResponseLists and ListItems) as the base for new ones. For example, you can have a pre-defined <ResponseList id="yes_or_no">, then whenever you have a yes or no question, you don't have to define each ListItem, just use <ResponseList ref="yes_or_no"/> and it will use a copy of the pre-defined list. You can even use a combination of pre-defined and explicit lists like this:
<ResponseList ref="yes_or_no">
This will make a copy of the ResponseList with id="yes_or_no", and add the additional ListItem "Maybe".
(Note: This is already available in CVS).... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2006-11-14

Version 0.7 Released

Version 0.7 of the JCaiF survey framework and Sonar CAPI application have been released.

New in 0.7 is the FormattedInputItem, which provides a ListItem with an additional text input box for respondent added options. FormattedInputItem has all the format options of FormattedInputQuestion, giving you complete control over what text is allowed, and can be added anywhere in a ResponseList. JCaiF has also had several interface changes to clean up the codebase and standardize method names and function.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2006-10-30

Upcoming 0.7 Features

It has been a long time since JCaiF/Sonar 0.6 was released, but I can assure you that development is still quite active. The upcoming 0.7 release will introduce some big changes to both JCaiF and Sonar, including renaming JCaiF interface methods to better describe their parameters, use of XML Schema to describe and validate Sonar XML survey files, and implementation of alert/confirm/prompt popup dialog boxes. ... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2006-10-16

Version 0.6 Released

Version 0.6 of the JCaiF Framework and Sonar CAPI application have been released. Also version 0.1 of Sonar CAWI has been released for evaluation.

Posted by Michael hall 2006-05-07

JCaiF Web-based Questionnaire

Screenshots of the upcoming JCaiF and Sonar frameworks have been posted
on sourceforge. Sonar 0.6 will include the very first release of
Sonar-Web, allowing any JCaiF survey to be run, without change, as a
web-based survey. Sonar's "mode-neutrality" design has paid of on this
project, there we no changes needed in the underlying survey engine, nor
any of the JCaiF components, to make this web-based.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2006-04-07

Version 0.5.5 Released

Version 0.5.5 of both JCaiF and Sonar has been released. This includes some significant changes on the road to version 0.6, see below for the details.

JCaiF has 2 new classes: SurveyEngine and SurveyWindow. These are interface definitions for all JCaiF containers to implement. They will provide a common API for accessing the survey container from the script. References to both are now being passed to the init() function of SurveyObject class upon which all JCaiF objects are based. The APIs will let you do things like setting the current question in the survey engine, or creating popup windows from within the survey script.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2005-12-05

Version 0.5 Released

Not many changes since 0.4.1, but I have combined the Sonar Engine and JCaiF Applet into a single Sonar package which will be developed independently from the JCaiF package.

The JCaiF package will recieve only minor updates between now and the 1.0 release. Instead focus will be on adding to the JCaiF CoreComponents and JCaiF MediaComponents packages. Requests for new components can be made in the "Tracker" section of SourceForge.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2005-10-02

Version 0.4.1 Released

I have pushed a new release to include the new text input fields: TextInputQuestion, FormattedInputQuestion and NumberInputQuestion. The new survey.xml shows how to use each of them.


Posted by Michael hall 2005-09-23

New Screenshots available on Homepage

New screenshots based off the upcoming 0.5 release have been posted on the JCaiF homepage:

These show off the new TextInputQuestion, FormattedInputQuestion, and NumberInputQuestion that will be available in the 0.5 release. FormattedInputQuestion allows you to specify regular expression patterns that the input must match before the user can continue. Colored input boxes indicate if the value entered if properly formatted or not. NumberInputQuestion provides everything in a FormattedInputQuestion, plus it allows you to define a minimum and maximum value.

Posted by Michael hall 2005-09-17

Version 0.4 Released

As of JCaiF version 0.4, the Sonar Engine now provides a method to retreive data in the form of a JDOM Element structure. This allows version 0.4 of the JCaiFApplet example program to save XML data files using JDOM's XMLOutputter. You can specify a file by passinga file name as the second argument to JCaiFApplet, otherwise it will default to data.xml.

Looking forward:

Version 0.5 will be the feature freeze for the JCaiF framework. From that point on, I will be adding to the CoreComponents library to provide the set of standard question types developers expect from other CAI packages.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2005-09-07

Version 0.3 Released

Verzion 0.3 of both the JCaiF Framework and JCaiF Applet are now availiable.

As promised, building on the Sonar Engine introduced in 0.2, JCaiF Applet now has fully functional routing control using BSF. This allows you to manipulate question routing and response lists using any of the scripting languages supported by BSF.

Download it now and see!

Things to look forward to in 0.4:

Saving Data! This will use an XML format similar to the one used to describe the survey itself.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2005-08-27

Version 0.2 Released

This latest version of JCaiF and JCaiF Applet have many improvements, and only a few things have been broken in the process.

For the reference JCaiF Applet, instead of witing survey files in Java, then compiling them in to Java classes, surveys are now written in XML files. However, this has broken the routing logic capabilities. The next release will not only fix the routing logic capabilities, but it will use Apache's Bean Scripting Framework to allow routing logic to be written a variety of languages.... read more

Posted by Michael hall 2005-08-07

Version 0.1 Release

This is the first release of JCaiF and the JCaiF Applet. The Applet release contains both source and binary, and is in the form of an executable JAR. It comes with the JCaiF library included, so there is no need to download both if you just want to test the Applet.

Please report any bugs back to sourceforge's bug tracker.

Posted by Michael hall 2005-01-26

Logic tests now in TestSurvey

The TestSurvey included in the JCaiF Core Components now includes some basic logic tests:

s2 will not continue if you select "No"
s3's text will contain the value selected in s2
s4's text will contain the value selected in s3, also s4's list will contain everything not selected in s3

Posted by Michael hall 2005-01-25

Source files added to CVS

Source files for both the JCaiF interfaces and Core Components, as well as the (highly) experimental JCaiF applet, have been added to CVS. An ANT build file is included which should compile the interfaces and components into jcaif.jar for you. You will then need to link to this to compile JCaiFApplet.

Posted by Michael hall 2005-01-17

Screenshots Added

Screenshots of a test program running a JCaiF survey can be seen in the screenshots section. This application will be the development testbed for the framework, and will probably be branched into a seperate project once JCaiF has stabalized.

Posted by Michael hall 2005-01-04

Design Diagrams Uploaded

Class and Component design diagrams have been uploaded to the files section. Please take a look at them and post your feedback in the Designers forum.

Posted by Michael hall 2004-07-30

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