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JBroFuzz 1.2 Released!

Version 1.2 (codename Athena) introduces the ability to open, load and save files on fuzzing sessions using the .jbrofuzz format. Graphing has been expanded to a tab and can be performed at any time. Also, a headers tab, including default headers of a number of operating system browsers has been included.

Posted by yiannis 2009-01-23

JBroFuzz 1.1 Released!

Codename Mercury, this release adds a substantial amount of available payloads in categories such as XPATH, LDAP and XSS. Also, an installer is included as part of the release for win32 platforms.

Posted by yiannis 2008-09-22

JBroFuzz 1.0 Released!

Codename Cupid, this first major release of JBroFuzz forms a milestone in fuzzing development. Payloads and fuzzers have been re-engineered for smooth addition through a variety of known security vulnerability categories. Various GUI updates are also present.

Posted by yiannis 2008-07-04

JBroFuzz 0.9 Released!

Codename Dioni, this version poses a new re-write of the fuzzing tab, introducing a number of new XSS generators and a more stable connection behaviour

Posted by yiannis 2008-05-12

JBroFuzz 0.8 Released!

Codename, Mars. A more mature and war-like version with a number of updates and tidy-ups, including database implementation of Fuzzer Iterators.

Posted by yiannis 2008-03-16

JBroFuzz 0.7 Released!

Codename, Selene. With help topics, FAQ, preferences... This list goes on!

Posted by yiannis 2007-07-30

JBroFuzz 0.6 released!

Codename Apollo.. Let there be light! (Even though some of it migth be from google open sourcing:)

Posted by yiannis 2007-05-07

JBroFuzz 0.5 released!

Try out some of that HTTP/HTTPS directory enumeration fuzz...

Posted by yiannis 2007-02-21

JBroFuzz 0.4 released!

A much more stable user interface, browser linking while sniffing, complete copy paste functionality and little tweaks to help your fuzzing...

Posted by yiannis 2007-01-31

JBroFuzz 0.3 released!

Finally, you can define your own Generators within a .jbrf1 file and fuzz away...

Posted by yiannis 2006-11-29

OWASP JBroFuzz Project!

JBroFuzz has become an OWASP Project. For further information visit: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_JBroFuzz

Posted by yiannis 2006-11-16

JBroFuzz 0.2 released!

If you can't fuzz with this version of JBroFuzz, you probably don't want to fuzz!!

Current version includes the ability to do basic cross site scripting, test for some SQL injection as well as a number of overflows and format string errors.

Posted by yiannis 2006-11-06

JBroFuzz 0.1 released!

The first version of JBroFuzz, codename Vesta has been available, offering a range of basic fuzzing as well as sniffing abilities.

Posted by yiannis 2006-10-26

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