#18 not null constraint for jaws tablecreate

v2.3 (unstable)
JBossCMP (86)

This patch to CMPFieldMetaData and JDBCInitCommand
allows the developer to specify a not null contraint in
jaws.xml, which is used in table creation by JAWS.

Points in favor of this:

1. It is a simple and important table constraint, that
can be added to jaws.xml very simply.

2. Some otherwise useful open source databases
(firebird/interbase) have a slightly archaic table
creation syntax in which a primary key field must also
be declared not null. This patch makes use of these
databases much more plausible.

david jencks

The attached file has two diffs concatenated by hand,
since it appears to be possible to submit only one file
below and I haven't figured out how to get cvs to
generate only one diff file.

I submitted this patch to the mailing list shortly
before the move to sourceforge, and after a bit of
discussion nothing happened. Now that there is a more
official patch process I am resubmitting it.


  • David Jencks

    David Jencks - 2001-05-16

    Patch to add not null constraint to jaws.xml

  • Dan Christopherson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> danch
  • Dan Christopherson

    • status: open --> closed

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