#17 fix for restarting XADataSourceLoader

v2.3 (unstable)

As noted by myself in March and Christian Biasuzzi
recently, the XADataSourceLoader mbean can not be
restarted after stopping it. The enclosed patch fixes
this problem by freeing the source (pool) on stop and
thus creating a new one on start. It also frees the
source (pool) on start if a connection cannot be made
successfully, so if there is a configuration problem
you have a chance to fix it and try again without
restarting the whole server.


  • David Jencks

    David Jencks - 2001-05-16

    Logged In: YES

    The original patch does successfully restart the
    XADatasourceLoader, however beans using it must also be
    redeployed since they are left referring to a closed pool.
    The attached patch catches this problem and tries to hook
    them up to the new pool created by the restart. Already
    deployed beans will start using the new pool as soon as it
    is registered with jndi.

  • Andreas Schaefer

    • assigned_to: nobody --> schaefera
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Andreas Schaefer

    Logged In: YES

    Path applied but I had to tweak class JawsEntityMetaData
    because local DataSouces (to the Entity) are incorporated.
    Just saved the DataSourceName and if the creation of the
    connection fails to "re"lookup the DataSource at the JNDI-


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