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jBilling / News: Recent posts

Announcement: jBilling 4.1.1 Community Edition

jBilling is proud to announce the release of jBilling Community Edition 4.1.1! This version of our software is a huge leap in functionality from its predecessor. With brand new features and industry leading enhancements, we believe that you have the opportunity work with a truly powerful billing system.

New features include, Inventory Management, Multi Tenancy, Agents & Commissions, and User Notes. Extended features include, Order Changes, Product Dependencies, Account Types and Account Information Types. For more information, read our press release here: http://www.jbilling.com/company/news/jbilling-releases-4.1.1-community-edition... read more

Posted by Crystal Gaudet 2015-09-28

jBilling Webinar - Making Billing PCI Compliant

There is a lot of confusion about what makes a company PCI compliant, how to become compliant, and the costs involved. This webinar will discuss PCI compliance for your billing and payment systems, and how jBilling can help.

Event Information:
Webinar - Making Billing PCI Compliant
Wednesday, Februarty 25th
2:00 - 3:00pm EST

Click here to register now!

Posted by Crystal Gaudet 2015-02-06 Labels: webinar

jBilling 3.3.1 Community Edition has been released

Ottawa, Ontario, January 8, 2015 - Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing has released jBilling Community Edition version 3.3.1. (Please note that version 3.2 was skipped as it would have postponed this release.)

jBilling’s Community Edition 3.3.1 comes with many new features including: Discounts, Collections Process, Custom Notifications, SureTax Integration, and updated Billing Process.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2015-01-08

jBilling 3.1.0 Community Edition has been released

Better late than never. We finally release 3.1.0 CE. This includes a number of nice new features, like meta fields (custom fields) than can be added directly from the GUI to key data structures like customers, orders and invoices. It is a powerful and easy way to extend the system with just configuration.

Since we have already released the enterprise edition for version 3.2.0, we just need to package the equivalent for the Community Edition. Stayed tuned, we hope to release it in just a few weeks.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2013-07-23

jBilling 3.0.2 has been released

Here we have another maintenance release of jBilling. This means no new functionality, just bug fixes. But there are a lot of bugs fixes in this release (more than a hundred), so a lot has been done in the previous two months.

For new functionality, you will have to wait for jBilling 3.1.0. That won't be a long wait, we are just a few weeks from releasing it. Then you will have a few new features, including the custom meta fields for not just customer, but invoices, payments, products, etc.. ... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2012-02-24

New maintenance release: 3.0.1

Since the release of jBilling 3, we have received feedback pertaining to the new GUI, and system functionality. Thanks to many of your comments and suggestions, we have been able to assess and re-evaluate several components. The majority of your feedback was positive, however there were a few remaining issues that required some attention. This latest release incorporates many of those bug fixes.

Posted by Emil Conde 2011-09-27

jBilling 3 - Final version released

The long awaited final release of jBilling 3 is finally out! It comes with an all new Web 2.0 GUI, easier configuration and a much better user experience that any previous jBilling release.

jBilling 3 is built on superb cutting edge technology. It combines a rock solid server side with a plug-in architecture that is stable and in production for many years, with a brand new GUI that uses the latest web frameworks to give a 'desktop like' experience in a web browser.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2011-07-22

New release: jBilling 2.2.0

We are happy to announce a new release of jBilling. This 2.2.0 version includes many new features collected from various projects around the world. The highlights are:

* Extended integration with Authorize.net. The credit card information can now be stored in Authorize.net, thus avoiding having credit card information in your own database.

* Many new API methods, including on-demand generation of PDF invoices and support for ACH... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2010-09-02

jBilling 2.1.1 has been released

Since our last release, a number of bugs have been fixed. This new release has them all. As a maintenance release (note only the third digit increasing), it does not have any new features, those are left for the next minor release (2.2.0). One bug that has been fixed that was reported numerous times is with the JDBC meditation reader plug-in.

Upgrading involves very little risk, there are no changes to the database or new features that can alter how the system behaves. Simply take the file billing.war and overwrite the old file.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2010-05-26

New release: jBilling 2.1.0 with extended tel

We are very pleased to announce the release of jBilling 2.1.0. This release make significant improvements to the telecom features of jBilling, taking the mediation and rating module to a whole new level.

There are the typical improvements that you expect to find in every jBilling release: bug fixes, new payment gateways supported, new methods for the API, etc. Then there are the new telecom features that makes this such a leap forward in open source billing:... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2010-03-16

jBilling 2 has been released

jBilling is the only open source enterprise billing system. Written entirely in Java, it runs in any operating system, database engine and application server. It is used by telecom companies and large subscriptions companies all over the world.

The milestone release of jBilling 2 is now available for download. It includes hundreds of changes, most of them are minor enhancements and bug fixes, but there are major improvements as well:... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2009-08-28

jBilling 1.1.3 has been released


I am happy to announce that jBilling 1.1.3 is release for public download. This has been the most ambitious release we have done, and the one that took the longest. Don't let the number deceive you, 1.1.3 has a lot of improvements from the 1.1.2 release. These are some highlights:

- New provisioning module: A really flexible module to ease the integration with external provisioning systems (like a telephony network). You can even use it stand alone, without the rest of jBilling.
- Add bar codes to paper invoices.
- Highly improved notifications template engine: We are using velocity to render the templates, and added support for HTML emails. You can do very fancy notifications by emails now.
- More internal events: The internal event plug-ins are very popular indeed. I see companies using this extension technique a lot (and I use it a lot myself). We are adding more internal events in the core so you can hook your own plug-ins more easily.
- CDR detail storage: The mediation process stores a detail account of every event that affected the customer's orders. Now you can send an invoice with all the call detail records.
- New database mediation readers: A new JDBC plug-in that let's you do your mediation from CDRs stored in a database.
- Migration from Entity beans to Hibernate completed. Entity beans were a major obstacle to scalability and they are now gone. And even more, we added flexible configuration to choose from local transactions (excluding the application server from any interaction with the database) and JTA transactions.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2009-05-26

jBilling 1.1.2 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of jBilling 1.1.2. As usual, this release is packed with bug fixes, enhancements to existing features plus new functionality.
There are two new plug-ins to handle cancellation scenarios. Subscription plans often include contracts with a fee for early cancellations. On the other hand, an early cancellation can have the opposite effect: a refund should be issued to the customer. Both are now nicely handled by jBilling.
Another major new feature is the blacklist. This is a list that can include credit card numbers, addresses, etc that acts as a filter to avoid sending payment requests to a gateway that are sure to fail.
The web services API also had some enhancements, now you can rate an order without having to create it. The rating executes any external rules. Items can now be updated and retrieved one by one. These new methods are included in the latest version of the integration guide.

Posted by Emil Conde 2008-11-27

jBilling 1.1.1 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of jBilling 1.1.1. Many bug fixes and improvements are included, with a healthy combination of contributions from the community and internal development.
Our previous release included a brand new module: the mediation module, aimed to process event records from telecommunication companies (CDR).

In the past few months, many companies have been working on implementing this new module for their billing solutions (many of them from industries outside the telecommunications world). The result is a lot of feedback on bugs and limitations that helped us a lot to improve the jBilling mediation module.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2008-07-03

New maintenance relase: jbilling 1.0.9

A new maintenance release is now available for public download. This is jbilling version 1.0.9 and consist mostly of bug fixes, with just a few enhancements and new features.

The previous release, jbilling 1.0.8, introduced the biggest change to the core billing process in years: the asynchronous payment processing feature. Like any major change, it came with some bugs. And those bugs are mostly what has been fixed in this latest release.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2007-08-24

Massive payment processing with jbilling 1.0.8

There is a new release of jbilling available for download: 1.0.8. This time, the main addition is in the scalability department. With the introduction of asynchronous payment processing, the billing process is detached from dealing with payment gateways. This allows having many concurrent payments being processed at the same time, so you can take advantage of having many accounts with several payment gateways or submit many payment requests to a payment gateway at the same time.
The result is a tremendous increase in the total number of payments that you can process with jbilling in a given period of time. For those of you with customers in the hundreds of thousands (and planning on growing), this will be great news.
There is more in this release. There are several security additions, such as higher requirements for passwords, password expiration, etc.

Posted by Emil Conde 2007-07-05

New release: jbilling 1.0.7

A new version of jbilling is available for download, with plenty of new features. Security is one of the big winners: credit card information and passwords can now be stored encrypted in the database. There are new reports related to transactions and the core has been upgraded with an event API that allow us to easily implement new business rules with a 'subscriber-observer' pattern that we like a lot.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2007-04-19

jbilling 1.0.6 is now released

A new maintenance release with minor bug fixes is now available for download. The most significant change for users is how the web services API handles orders. It now applies all the business rules plug-ins associated with the caller.
Developers will see significant improvements in the source package, with a set of JUnit tests based on web services. This will be followed by an update on the on-line documentation related to building and testing from source.
A perk for our Australian users (and there are a lot of them), jbilling now includes the Australian dollar as currency bundled with the standard distribution. Find out more at http://www.jbilling.com Enjoy!

Posted by Emil Conde 2007-02-02

Fully revised user guide now available

Software is only as good as its documentation and billing software is not an exception. We are now releasing the official jbilling user guide in PDF format. This is a full revision of the old on-line documentation to bring it up-to-date with the latest features, screen-shots and plenty of examples.
This document is now for sale at 9.95$, a true bargain that would be unheard of in billing software with commercial licenses. The revenue from the sales will go towards the improvement of jbilling, giving users great value and the chance to help the project.
With 12 chapters and well over 100 pages, the user guide goes over the main features of jbilling in detail: how the billing process works, how to deal with invoices and payments, how to configure the system to address common billing scenarios, etc. Enjoy!

Posted by Emil Conde 2007-01-01

Improved Oracle support with jbilling 1.0.5

A new release of jbilling is available for download under the version number 1.0.5. This is mostly a maintenance release that fixes a number of minor bugs. The highlight is the improved support for Oracle. Some database objects have been renamed, among other changes, to successfully complete a set of unit testing running jbilling on OracleXE.

Last but not least, the 'Getting Started' guide has been expanded with a tutorial called 'My first invoice'. Some say that open source means bad documentation. We say that in billing software, the best is free.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2006-11-22

jbilling 1.0.4 now released

Easier to install, easier to use and more powerful... some serious coding took place in the past two or so months for the arrival of jbilling 1.0.4. A feature that was long requested was an improvement on how payments relate to invoices, and to allow linking a payment to an invoice (and removing the link) from the web-based interface. Also included was a way to configure the batch process directly in the file jbilling.properties. Before, you had to setup a CRON or AT on your server to daily run the batch process. This process checks if the billing generation has to take place, among many other automatic functions: invoice reminders, payment processing, etc... Last but not least is the inclusion to the web-based interface to configure business rules plug-ins. This allows you to easily configure integration with payment processors to handle credit cards.... read more

Posted by Emil Conde 2006-10-15

Pick your favourite database and run jbilling on it.

With the release of version 1.0.2, you can run jbilling in the most popular database engines: DB2, hypersonic, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Sybase. You do not need to be a database expert; jbilling comes by default with a hypersonic database already initialized for you. jbilling already had great scalability by allowing clustering of multiple servers. By running jbilling with a world-class database engine, such as Oracle, you can be sure that your billing system is scalable and robust.

Posted by Emil Conde 2006-07-07

Most active billing project

jbilling is now the first result when searching for 'billing' in both the 'Enterprise' and 'Financial' project categories. Last week's activity was 99,37%, and we keep adding downloads at a good pace. This is great news for a project that went live about two months ago, let's keep up the good work!

Posted by Emil Conde 2006-04-15

jbilling 1.0 released!

This is a production quality release of jbilling, the Java enterprise billing system. Manage your subscriber’s invoices and payments with a web-based fully automated solution. Well documented and absolutely free!

Posted by Emil Conde 2006-02-28