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JaxMeAPI released

JaxMeAPI is a new module of the JaxMe project. It contains a clean room implementation of the JAXB API. See http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxb/ for details on JAXB, the specification for Java/XML binding.

In contrast to the jar files from the JAXB reference implementation, you may distribute the jar files from JaxMeAPI under an open source license (Apache
License) on your choice. This is important for open source projects, which cannot add the JAXB jar files to their public repositories.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-09-12

JaxMe2: Second alpha release

The second public alpha release of JaxMe2 is available. This is a complete rewrite, based on the Java source
generator framework JaxMeJS


and the XML Schema parser JaxMeXS


JaxMe 2 is an ongoing implementation of the JAXB specification for Java/XML binding. See


for details on JaxMe 2 and


for details on JAXB.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-09-02

JaxMeJS placeholders

The JaxMe Java source generation framework aims to
support the generation of sources in a pipelining
process. A new tool has been added to support
this target: The so-called placeholders allow early
parts of the pipeline to mark the places where later
stages ought to insert code. Details can be found on
the project page at


Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-08-11

JaxMeJS 1.11 released

The latest public release of JaxMeJS, the JaxMe Java
Source generator framework, contains a couple of
minor bug fixes and enhancements. See


for details.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-07-30

JaxMe 1.64 released

This is a release including minor bug fixes for the entity bean class writers handling of composed primary keys and another workaround for Oracle's strange idea of JDBC metadata. See


for details.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-07-16

JaxMeXS 1.02 released

The third public release of the JaxMe parser for XML schema includes access to the syntactical context in schemas using xs:include and xs:import. JaxMeXS is an XML Schema parser dedicated to authors which like to extend the XML Schema language or use the XML Schema information in a source generator. See


for details.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-07-16

JaxMe 1.62 released

The latest public release of JaxMe, the Java/XML
binding framework, includes a mapping for table
names. This is required, if one is joining the same
table in one statement more than once.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-06-27

JaxMeJS 1.08 released

A new release of JaxMeJS, the JaxMe Java source
generator framework has been published. This release
includes multiple minor feature enhancements and
bug fixes. In particular a simple link checker was
added to validate the documentation.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-06-06

JaxMe 1.60 released

This release includes multiple minor fixes and enhancements in the schema validation and in the LOB handling. For details see


Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-05-25

JaxMeJS 1.07 released

JaxMeJS, a framework for writing Java source generators,
has released its version 1.07. This release includes a lot
of minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. In particular
the "DirectAccessible" interface has been introduced as
an optimization technique. The new release is available from http://jaxme.sf.net/JaxMeJS

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-05-13

Major enhancements in XML schema support

Several major feature enhancements have been added
to the Java/XML binding tool JaxMe by Thomas Haenel,
thomas.haenel at atc-gmbh.com, and Tobias Huehner,
thu at softwareag.com: Basic support for facets
(xs:maxLength, xs:minLength, xs:enumeration, xs:pattern), basic support for xs:include and
xs:any and introduction of BLOB and CLOB support.

The new release, JaxMe 1.58 is available from
the projects homepage, http://jaxme.sf.net

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-04-25

JaxMeJS 1.06 released

The SQL generator framework has been extended to
support primary and secondary keys, indexes, foreign
keys, and vendor specific extensions, with DB2 serving
as an example. JaxMeJS is available from

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-04-20

SQL Generation framework

The JaxMeJS Java source generator does now include
a generator framework for SQL statements. By defining
an object tree matching your schema, tables and
columns, you may derive CREATE, INSERT or
SELECT statements from the object tree. The framework
is available from http://jaxme.sf.net/JaxmeJS

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-04-04

JaxMeJS 1.4 released

The current version of JaxMeJS includes a source
code generator for the proxy chain design pattern.
A proxy chain is a chain of objects implementing
a common interface. The interface methods can
be regarded as events processed by the chain.
JaxMeJS is available under http://jaxme.sf.net/JaxMeJS

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-03-26

JaxMe2-0.01-alpha: Initial release of a JAXB implementation

The first public release of JaxMe 2 is available. JaxMe 2 aims to become a fully compliant implementation of JAXB,
the Java/XML binding specification. See http://sf.net/projects/jaxme for details on JaxMe. See http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxb for details on JAXB.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-03-23

Generator for typesafe enumeration pattern

JaxMeJS, the JaxMe JavaSource generator framework,
does now include a demo generator for the design pattern
of typesafe enumerations. See http://jaxme.sf.net/JaxMeJS
for details on the new release 1.2.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-03-14

JaxMe 1.55 released

The latest version of JaxMe, a Java/XML binding tool,
includes a new manager factory with lazy instantiation.
Lazy instantiation has the advantage of a faster startup
at the cost of a slightly slower access to managers at
runtime, because it depends on synchronization.
However, it might be handy if your XML schema
includes a real lot of document types. JaxMe 1.55
is available from http://jaxme.sf.net... read more

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-03-03

JaxMeJS 1.0: Java source generation framework

The JaxMe JavaSource generation framework is now available as a
separate distribution. This spinoff is an object oriented view to
Java sources created by the generator. Features include
automatic generation of import lists, semiautomatic indentation,
post prcessing of generated sources (allowing the generation
in multiple stages).

JaxMeJS is available from http://sf.net/projects/jaxme.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-01-28

JaxMe 1.53: xml:db support

JaxMe 1.53 includes a new manager, the XmlDbManager,
which allows to insert XML documents into an XML database or read them from the database through the
xml:db API. The combination of JaxMe and xml:db
is possibly the most simple and elegant solution
for accessing an XML database. See http://www.xmldb.org/xapi/ for details on xml:db. Available
databases include eXistand Xindice, see
http://exist.sf.net/, and http://www.xindice.org,

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2003-01-21

JaxMe 1.51 released

This version fixes some important bugs in the
handling of DateFormat instances that could cause
problems in a multithreaded environment.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-11-29

JaxMe ported to Oracle

The latest release of the Java/XML binding tool JaxMe
comes with support for the Oracle database. A specific
port was required, because the Oracle metadata looks
much different from other databases. In particular all
numeric column types (Types.INTEGER, Types.FLOAT,
etc.) are reported as NUMERIC. See http://jaxme.sf.net
for details on JaxMe.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-10-23

JaxMe 1.46 released

Includes minor bug fixes in the handling of
multiple tables joined with jm:table. See
for details.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-10-07

JaxMe 1.45 released

Minor bug fixes and documentation improvements. See
http://sf.net/projects/jaxme for details.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-09-20

JAXB public draft available

A first public draft of the upcoming JAXB specification
is available at http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxb/. This is
how JaxMe 2 will look and feel. See http://cvs.sf.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/\*checkout*/jaxme/JaxMe2/docs/Design.html
for details on JaxMe 2.

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-09-17

JAXB Implementation Project

A new project has started, aiming an implementation
of the JAXB specification. JAXB is a proposed standard
for Java/XML Binding. See
http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxb for details on JAXB.
The projects design document is available on

Posted by Jochen Wiedmann 2002-08-29