Problem with duplicate element names

  • Ryan

    Ryan - 2010-11-10

    I'm having a little trouble creating a configuration file for a rather complex schema and hope someone on the forum has some insight. I have two elements with an NCName of "Title", one that resolves to /Resource/Title and another to //Person/Title. The first is a complex type with numerous children and the second is an empty element with a few attributes. Is there any way for me to designate different AFFICHAGE_ELEMENT entries for each of these two "Title" elements?

  • Damien Guillaume

    No, you can't specify different displays for elements defined in the same schema with the same name.
    There was a time when Jaxe could not make the difference between elements with the same name, and always showed the same children. This is now fixed, but you still can't specify different displays (it would not be very simple if it was possible, anyway).

    If the elements were defined in separate schemas (each schema used in a separate config file) and linked with namespaces and the "Other configuration" element in the main config, it would be possible to define different displays.


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