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jAudio Changes

jAudio users,

jAudio will no longer be released as a file release. Instead, it is a git only distribution. Use 'git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/jaudio/git' to retrieve the latest project files. Preferably, use the github version under dmcennis. There are many changes in the master branch including internationalization, initial work on Android library, and a new GUI. Many new features are present and many old ones have had a cleaning. New results from this extractor may not match the old.... read more

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2016-02-26

adding mp3 support

To read mp3's in jAudio add jlayer.jar, tritonus_share.jar, and tritonus_mp3.jar to your classpath and restart jAudio. Likewise, to read ogg files, add tritonus_share.jar tritonus_vorbis.jar and jorbis.jar. Full instructions are at: http://www.tritonus.org/plugins.html

Unfortunately, I am still debugging my Java environment and am having trouble getting it to work on my system, so they are not included in jAudio 1.0.4. Others have no problems with this setup.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2011-02-23

jAudio out

jAudio now has native mp3 support back. This version also includes a pre-compiled binary in the release.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2011-02-05

jAudio 1.0.1 Released

jAudio 1.0.1 release is now out. jAudio no longer requires the Xerces library.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-10-04

jAudio 1.0 Released

jAudio 1.0 is now out. Future fixes will be trivial bug fixes or adding new features or aggregators. A new web site is up. Expect some additions over the next few days to the web site to clean up anything that might have been left out.

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-09-30

jAudio 1.0rc4 released

Unless there are any new bug reports, this will be the last release candidate before the final release.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-09-14

jAudio 1.0rc3 release

jAudio 1.0rc3 is now out

fixes attributed to me by anonymous have authorship removed.
Aggregator editor window bug fixed.
about box restored
jAudio icons added
Documentation fixes
ant build script now handles all compilations

TODO rc4:
help file additions
javadoc fixes

TODO 1.0.1:
remove Xerces code dependency

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-09-13

jAudio Source Release

New features:
2D Polynomial aggregator and feature
2D Polynomial of ConstantQ MFCC
2D Polynomial of log scaled ConstantQ

Colt matrix code added to the code base (BSD by license in downloaded source)

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-22 Released

Number of new features released
Re-released Aggregator.AreaMoments tampering fixes
fixed tampering in AggEditFrame

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-18 released

ConstantQ feature now added - modified from my old code at McGill. The new feature is not well tested, send me bug reports if you find a problem and I'll look into it.

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-17

Access problems

Please be patient if you have problems getting assistance or with bugs on this project. I am having trouble receiving emails. Furthermore, I cannot access Sourceforge (including through ssh and https) directly and the sf.net domain is rejected entirely. Whats happening between me and the distribution server is unknown as someone must unencrypt and encrypt the connection for this to happen allowing openings for 3rd party modifications to occur.... read more

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-17

Upcoming Release

Cory McKay has informed me that a jAudio version based on 0.4.5 code base is under development by him. It will be uploaded in CVS/Subversion and source release as I finish packaging it.

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-17

Source Code Release

jAudio source is now released. The code is in an XCode package. No binaries of any kind are included.

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-17


I have received reports of CVS archives more recent than 0.4.5. While a jar file exists in another project named 0.5, it was renamed 0.4.5 for release. The source code described in emails to me is a major release change. I am not the author and it is not located on the jaudio project or website.

Daniel McEnnis

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-08-09

jAudio Problems

A number of bugs have being linked to hacked copies of various jar files previously. More recent bugs appear to be the result of a hacked compiler. I am still tracking down the compiler errors, but have been able to isolate and confirm that a broken compiler is responsible for problems in other projects. As a work around, please use the CVS source and compile yourself. A public source code release is in the works.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2010-05-18

jAudio-0.4.5 released

Changes in this release:

fixed version of tritonus_share included

compiled with 1.5 SDK (fixes class version errors on macs).

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2008-01-30

jAudio-0.4.4 released

Bug fix release that fixes bugs in standard deviation (aggregator and metafeature). Thanks to Sebastion Stober for the patch.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2008-01-16


jAudio 0.4.3 is released. It fixes a number of bugs involving the loading and saving of aggregator info in XML configuration files.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2008-01-11


A bugfix release incorporating fixes since the last release

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2007-11-03

jAudio installer released

First release of jAudio 0.4 installer. See release notes and change log for more information about the release.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2006-09-26

jAudio0.4 alpha code posted

jAudio0.4 source code has been posted to cvs. Placeholder code for IzPack based on the previous release has also been placed in cvs. Additional changes are expected before a full beta (and file release) for the 0.4 release.

Posted by Daniel McEnnis 2006-09-22