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Jarl2d reaches first beta milestone

Jarl2d inches closer to its first release with Jarl2d 0.5: Beta1. This release brings:

* A simple win32 installer (thanks to Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
* A animation preview feature that allows you to preview your rendered animations. (For further info on generating movies see this FAQ
* A bug fix for the Gradient Painter
* Better feedback for frame rendering

Posted by Mark Imel 2003-04-28

Jarl2d releases brand new GUI

Jarl2d makes animation easy. With this latest release, along with some minor bug fixes, comes a fully-revamped GUI. This cross-platform gui comes with an object browser a much more responsive gui and rendering pipeline. This release also allows you to launch a full animation rendering from the GUI.

Posted by Mark Imel 2003-04-22

Jarl2d release with *nix shell files

Jarl2d is designed to be a cross platform animation library, but was lacking the *nix shell files. This release (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=78098) also contains a new readme as well as enhanced documentation.

Posted by Mark Imel 2003-04-14

Jarl2d releases initial package

Jarl2D (http://jarl2d.sourceforge.net/) is a tool for creating stunning 2D animations with no programming required. Complex animations can be easily created from simple xml files. Jarl2D also comes with a GUI that allows you to quickly expirement and develop your animations.

There is significant online documentation and over 50 documented animation examples to help you get started with your animations quickly.

Posted by Mark Imel 2003-04-11