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jarg-0.9.13 is released

The bug fix for DoJa v2.2 (like j2me) !!

+1. FIX : It was corrected. The case it compiles in DoJa v2.2
(like J2ME) environment and including a switch statement,
when the jar file is processed by jarg, the fault at which
warning is displayed and processing stop.
( I think the DoJa compiler is bad. )
Warning: Padding byte != 0 in tableswitch:1
+2. CHG : It changed to the bcel-20020831 snapshot version.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-08-31

jarg-0.9.12 is released

The new minimun support for j2me !!

+1. NEW : It suport to a StackMap Code-Attribute. (J2ME)
+2. NEW : It suport to a preverify. (J2ME)
+3. NEW : It was added some Ant Task options.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-07-28

jarg-0.9.11 is released

The ver 0.9.11 is a important bug fix version.
+1. FIX : The data flow analyzer corrected the bug which dies suddenly in analysis.
+2. FIX : The bug which may carry out batting to the original name by renaming of a class name was corrected.
+3. FIX : The bug which may be longer than the original name was corrected by renaming.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-05-29

jarg-0.9.10 is released

+1. NEW : The option (-showstat) was added which displays statistics information.
+2. NEW : The function to remove unused fields was added.
+3. NEW : The function to remove unused methods was added.
+4. CHG : Rearrangement inside a constant pool was changed.
+5. NEW : The byte-code optimization was added.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-04-27

jarg-0.9.9 is released.

+1. FIX : The bug was corrected that a stack over flow error generates if a super class is java.lang.Object.
+2. FIX : The bug was corrected that a 'ZipException: duplicate entry: XXXX/' exception generates.
+3. CHG : It changed to the bcel-20020411 snapshot version, since I had the bug of BCEL corrected.
+4. FIX : The bug was corrected that a part of renaming log had broken.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-04-15

jarg-0.9.8 is released.

The important bug fix is included in this.

+1. CHG : Illigal command options is error.
+2. NEW : Support rename logging.
+3. FIX : The bug is corruppted that the method renaming is broken if a method override package access method.**NOTICE**
+4. NEW : The 'Exceptions' attribute can be removed.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-04-07

jarg-0.9.7 is released.

+1. CHG : 25% speed up -- reshapeMethod() is changed.
+2. NEW : Support ant task.
+3. FIX : The bug is corruppted that some directory entry is not removed.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-03-25

jarg-0.9.6 is released.

These source files are recognaized for the open source. This name is changed from 'jag' to 'jarg'.

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-03-14

jag-0.9.5 is renewal of after a long time.

fix some bugs and power up!

Posted by Hidetoshi 2002-03-06

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