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Presenting 4.0

We are proud to announce the release of Entando Platform 4.0 – this is a brief introduction of its new features and upgrades. Our engineers have worked to deliver architectural improvements and new plugins and connectors for our Enterprise Edition, while restyling the User Experience of our back office with a Bootstrap-based responsive interface also for plugin front-end.

In order to ensure the best possible performance in Enterprise deployment scenarios, we have upgraded our engine to the latest Spring version, and optimized and tested the configuration for JBoss 7 and Tomcat 7, while running several stress tests to verify platform and data stability and security.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2014-02-25

Entando 3.2 Release Date set for March

Entando 3.2 release will be in March. A lot of innovations and improvements in this version, result of an evolutionary process that meets the needs of enterprises, developers and users.

Many of the new features are aimed to simplify and speed-up the development stages for companies and developers using Entando, such as the introduction of innovations that enable a faster and easier installation of the system and all its components and the immediately switch from a DBMS to another.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2013-03-06

Entando participates in Optibirth Project

Improving the organisation of maternal health service delivery, and optimising childbirth, by increasing vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) through enhanced women-centred care.

Project Acronym: OptiBIRTH

Start date: 1st September 2012

End date: 31st August 2016

Co-ordinator: Professor Cecily Begley, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Optimal, healthy pregnancy followed by normal birth is the ideal. Caesarean section (CS) doubles the risk of mortality and morbidity (hysterectomy, blood transfusion), and increases the risk of postnatal infection by 5, compared with vaginal birth (WHO Global Survey on Maternal and Perinatal Health).... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2013-03-06

Join Webcast: Entando 3.0

Making your business Interactive & Mobile
Register to our webcast on 17th April at 3 pm Central European Time: http://bit.ly/yQ5pPR

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2012-04-06

Entando Blog

Find posts written by Entando team and get insight and opinions about Entando platform http://blog.entando.com

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2012-04-06

Check out our new community forum

visit http://bit.ly/yCuVzJ to share ideas, contribute, and collaborate with other members!

Posted by Entando User 2012-03-01

Release of updated Plugins for version 2.2.2

The updated versions of the following plugins are available for download on Sourceforge.
Some plugins have new features and improvements described below:

RSS: added the parameter for the recognition of the presence of RSS channels by the browser
Share With
User Profile: integration with the User interface of the core, to see the profile of a user directly in Users List
User Registration... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2011-08-08

Release of jAPS 2.0 Entando version 2.2.2

Tzente S.r.l. is proud to announce the release of jAPS 2.0 Entando, version 2.2.2. The new release is available for download on Sourceforge.
Here some of the main innovations of this new version:

New Admin Area Interface: Category Detail
New Admin Area Interface: Group Detail
Function for changing file for single cms resource
Function for reloading image resource instances
Function for changing the parameters of the user showlets
Improvement of content model gui interface
Improvement of "content list" showlet; added new parameters: titles, extra link, user filter options
Improvement of "edit Resource" interface; added content references interface... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2011-07-26

Upcoming jAPS 2.0 Public Training Class

Tzente welcomes you to take advantage of our "Getting Started with jAPS 2.0 Platform" public course, scheduled for the end of November.

The course is provided by Tzente and will be held in Cagliari by certified trainers. The course is designed for users who want to acquire basic knowledge on jAPS 2.0 Platform.

The course highlights the tools that the platform provides to developers to create customized portal solutions, intranet and web application.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-10-22

Extra Page Groups in jAPS 2.0

A new functionality has been added to the jAPS 2.0 so that it's now possible, from the back-office, to specify the extra page groups able to access the protected pages in front-end.
The extra groups allow the front-end users belonging to any of those groups to display page independently by the owner group.
Please remember that in the public portal, the user's membership to the group "free" is implicit, all users (even if those not explicitly assigned to the group "free") can view free contents and free pages.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-07-14

Contribute to jAPS 2.0: submit your Idea and

Share your ideas on how improve jAPS 2.0 Project on http://japsplatform.ideascale.com/!

* Contribute: share your ideas on jAPS 2.0 Project
* Discuss: brainstorm ideas with other to make them even better
* Vote: check out other people's ideas, and vote on the ones you like best

Provide your responses within these jAPS 2.0 categories: Community, Documentation, Core Features and Plugins.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-06-28

jAPS Workshop organized by Tzente

The 11th and 12th of June will take place, in Cagliari, the IV Italian Conference on Free Software.

Many companies and reseach centers, involved in the development of Open Source Software, will partecipate to this event.

During the conference, Tzente S.r.l., jAPS Official Maintainer, has scheduled a workshop where the jAPS partnership ecosystem and its business model will be presented. The speakers involved will include representative of technology partners such as Pentaho, MySQL, Ingres e MuleSoft and governments and companies working with jAPS 2.0 Platfom.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-06-03

jAPS 2.0 version Released

jAPS 2.0 version has been released on Sourceforge, where are available the following packages:

* jAPS2.0-
* jAPS2-0-
jAPS Official Plugins and jAPS Community Plugins released for jAPS 2.0.10 version are fully compatible also with jAPS version.

jAPS version includes:

* New features to filter CMS contents by owner group
* Insertion of option "escapeXml" on tags 'currentPage', 'currentShowlet', 'i18n' and 'info'
* Improvement of error handling in Control Service
* Labels refactoring in back office... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-05-31

New Community Plugins for jAPS version 2.0

Agiletec S.r.l., jAPS System Integrator Partner has developed and released new Plugins for jAPS version 2.0.10.

The Plugins, not certified by Tzente, are available for download in the Community Plugins section on Sourceforge:

* CAS Client: allows to integrate jAPS 2.0 Platform with the Single Sign On CAS (Central Authentication Service)
* Web Trouble Ticketing: provides features for portal users to open ticket which could be managed through specific interfaces in the back office
* Feedback: allows to insert interactive form through which portal users can send feedback to administrators
* Faceted Navigation: provides a tool to organize and explore portal contents hierarchically according to the "facets"
* Address Book: allows to manage an address book
* My Portal: allows user to customize portal pages (the page templates)
* Massive Resource Loader: allows a massive upload of resources from a local drive (the server where the portal is installed), with the possibility to assign a custom name to the file
* Remote Resource Loader: allows to load remote resources, with capability to associate a new custom name to the file
* Newsletter: allows to send contents by email, to users who apply for it, of a specific category
* Avatar User Profile: allows a user to upload an image tha can be used around the portal as Avatar
* Content Notifier: provides a notification system for operation made on public content (publishing, editing, removing). The notification is sent by email to users with the appropriate permissions.
* Image Map Attribute: allows to publish html image maps with the jAPS Contents through a Content Attribute Type
* Geo References: a content can be georeferenced by inserting a new Content attribute "Coords" that allows the specification of the location by Latitude, Longitude and elevation
* Versioning: allows contents versioning ... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-03-17

jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.10 Released

jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.10 has been released on Sourceforge, where are available the following packages:

* jAPS2.0-2.0.10-src
* jAPS2-0-2.0.10-PortalExample-Project
* jAPS2-0-2.0.10-PortalExample-Standalone
* jAPS Official Plugin: as usual, all those plugins that were modified to work with the new release of jAPS are released as well; the remaning are intended to be fully compatible

Among the important innovations of jAPS 2.0.10 version there is the new "entity interface" which allows the configuration of the entity types, the CMS content types and the modification of the entity attributes.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-03-15

Pentaho and jAPS Announce Technology Partners

Pentaho Corp., the world's most popular open source business intelligence (BI) suite, and jAPS, the emerging Open Source Professional Enterprise Accessible Information Platform, today announced a strategic technology partnership to enhance integration between their solutions.
Pentaho BI capabilities combined with the ease of integration of jAPS 2.0 Platform will lead to an even simpler integration of BI contents and services, served by widgets and managed through back office interfaces, accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including blindness and low vision.
The characteristics of reliability and scalability of jAPS 2.0 Platform, typical of "Enterprise" systems, allow an immediate integration with Pentaho BI suite.
The final users will access to Penthao BI logic elements through jAPS intuitive, customized and accessible views so that they will have to focus only to the functionalities and the advantages offered by the integrated system.
The integration between Pentaho suite and jAPS Platform form a unique, complete and innovative solution for enterprise organizations.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2010-01-11

New Plugins for jAPS 2.0 Platform released

Agiletec S.r.l. has developed and released new Plugins for jAPS 2.0 Platform.

The Plugins, not certified, are available for download in the Community Plugins section on Sourceforge.

All Plugins are compatible with jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8 and with accessibility international standards both front-end and back office.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-12-30

Documentation for jAPS 2.0.8 released

The documentation for jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8 is now available for the download on Sourceforge.

This package contain the documents in different format, update for jAPS 2.0.8.

All the jAPS 2.0 documentation is released under the FDL (GNU Free Documentation License).

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-12-10

Plugin SOA-Content version 1.0 released

jAPS Plugin SOA-Content version 1.0 is available for download on Sourceforge.

The Plugin SOA-Content allows operations on jAPS contents through WebServices. It has two methods:

* a method that allows a client to add content in the system

* a method that allows a client to request a content

The Plugin is declared of type "Modification" and compatible with jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-11-13

Plugin RSS for jAPS version 2.0.8 released

jAPS Plugin RSS version 1.1 is available for download on Sourceforge.

The Plugin is declared of type "PurePlugin" and compatible with jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-11-11

jAPS Plugin User Registration and User Profile

jAPS Plugin User Registration version 1.1 and User Profile version 1.4 are available for download on Sourceforge.

The Plugins are declared of type "PurePlugin" and compatible with jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-11-06

jAPS more than 700 downloads in October

The jAPS project reaches more than 700 downloads of the several packages released on Sourgeforge during October.

The project jAPS is growing and this milestone is a great success for the jAPS community.

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-11-03

Online an Intranet demo built on jAPS 2.0 Pl

Online an Accessible Intranet demo built on jAPS 2.0 Platform.

The Intranet is an examples of Enterprise Information Accessible Portal solutions with application services and "MyPortal" features.

The Intranet has integrated the web content management system (jACMS), complying with accessibility requirements of W3C WCAG.

Visit the jAPS 2.0 Intranet Demo


Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-10-29

jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8 Released

jAPS 2.0 version 2.0.8 has been released on Sourceforge, where are available the following packages:

* jAPS2.0-2.0.8-src
* jAPS2-0-2.0.8-PortalExample-Project

Among the important innovations of the new version there is a reorganization of the administration area of jAPS 2.0 platform, in an optical of service integration platform. It is created the plugin jACMS, the Content Management System of jAPS 2.0 Platform, extrapolating from the platform.... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-10-13

Run jAPS in 10 minutes

On YouTube has released a video showing how to run jAPS 2.0 in 10 minutes.
The video, aimed at developers, describes the following steps:

* Configuration and use of Eclipse and Tomcat, part of the development environment of jAPS 2.0
* Import of jAPS 2.0 source code (package "src" jAPS version 2.0.6) on Eclipse
* Configuration and use of the Dynamic Web Project

Following these simple steps you are ready to develop a new Portal with jAPS 2.0. ... read more

Posted by Roberta Quaresima 2009-09-18