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JAPI / News: Recent posts

japi 0.9.0 released

This is release 0.9 of JAPI, the useful Java API for Swing i18n/l10n. An ActionProvider interface allows Actions maintained by ActionFactory to be retreived from arbitrary sources. The properties used by ActionFactory now can be spread accross multiple bundles, e.g. for separating i18n from nonnls. A KEduca clone named JEduca has been added to the progs tree (SVN repository only). A command line argument parser has been added.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-04-18

JAPI migrated to Subversion

Hello dear JAPI users and developers,

I have just migrated JAPI to Subversion.
Subversion usage information specific to JAPI can be found on the JAPI homepage at:

Due to cvs outage, the version history was not imported. For old versions, refer to the abandoned CVS repository.

I have disabled CVS developer access for all JAPI developers. Also, I have removed the CVS link from the sourceforge project page.... read more

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-04-03

japi-0.8.0 released

Intermediate release of JAPI, the useful Java API. Features several minor improvements and bugfixes, plus more formatting options in ActionFactory and automatic exception handling for action methods in ReflectionAction as a brand new convenience feature.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-03-30


japi-0_7-beta-1 has been released. This release features some new classes. makes iterating over input String even easier and more Perl like than ARGVReader. net.sf.japi.util.Arrays2 has been extended to include shuffle and frequency methods of all kinds. Some utility classes for SQL have been added, most notable Swing TableModel implementations for ResultSets. Of course this release also contains bug fixes and code improvments, like always. We're in BETA stage now.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-02-27


Yet another JAPI release :)
New: treetable and keyboard shortbut preferences
Important Changes: ActionFactory key separator changed from '_' to '.'.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-02-12

japi-0.5-alpha-1 released

The new release contains several new classes, amongst them two new LayoutManagers: ToolBarLayout for toolbars (better than BorderLayout) and ColumnLayout, which is like FlowLayout but lays out vertically instead of horizontally.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-02-03

japi-0.4-alpha-1 released

We've just released japi-0.4-alpha-1.
This is the first release that also contains a documentation release package. So there are 3 release packages availabie: binary library, source and javadoc.

Also checkout our website, there's a guide about how to use JAPI now.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2006-01-22

japi-0.1-alpha-1-src released

I've just published the first public source release of japi. The source code archive is available in four flavours: jar, zip, tar gzip and tar bzip2.

About JAPI: JAPI is a library of Java packages and classes that help with i18n/l10n and application preferences dialogs.

Posted by Christian Hujer 2005-10-08

JAPI initial repository commit

I've just committed the initial project revision to CVS.
The files are already quite mature, but currently only the source code is in CVS. Documentation, Examples and Tests are still missing.

The project should be accessible via anonymous cvs within the next few hours, once SF has run its regular anon cvs repository update cycle.

The library was initially developed for some open source projects at ITCQIS GmbH. The current library version is imported from Daimonin MMORPG.... read more

Posted by Christian Hujer 2005-10-08