Laura86 - 2011-05-05

Hello I'm trying to create an application in which an agent creates an other agent on a remote platform.
1) The agent Identifier Constructor  (to create che ams agent) needs 2 Strings: the ams agent name and its address, how are they built, i.e.
           - the name should be ams@remoteplatform, how can I write the remoteplatform address?
           - In the Userguide the address should be in the form "nio-mtp://" is this an URI such as       "protocol://hostname:port"?
           - If nio-mtp represents the protocol used, can I use another protocol, such as http?
2) Can I use localhost:8080 as remote platform to test the whole application on my PC and, in this case, where (in which folder) should I put the remote agent's files?