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#126 Patch for group selection tree (ID: 2211981)


We implemented feature "group selection tree - ID: 2211981". The
feature demands to store the treestructure and the groupselection while switching between
several tabs, so that they can be restored when you return
to the according tab.

We store the selection in an array and the treestructure in an enumerator. The storing happens when you switches the tab. If you return to the according tab groupselection and treestructure are restored. We also restore the scrolled area, so that really everything stays the same in the grouppanel.
There is a setting in the prefernces where you can choose if you want to initially expand all subgroups. If you enable this setting all subgroups are expanded if you switch the tab. We left this prefernce unchanged.

We didn't add any JUnit test because testing seemed not practicable.
We apreciate comments and ideas!


  • Thomas Arildsen

    Thomas Arildsen - 2009-12-02

    Maybe you should add a comment about this under the original feature request. If the original submitter is monitoring the request, he/she can then see that someone posted a patch. It also makes it easier for the admins to see which requests could be closed.
    Just a suggestion,

    Thomas Arildsen

  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2011-08-22

    Current JabRef still does not persist the state of the group selection., however, does not exist anymore. Therefore, the patch does not apply.


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