#784 Key generator setting: how excluding words (Replace???)

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I would like to have the possibility of setting the key generator so that when it generates the key using the words from the title of an entry, it does not use a certain list of words, e.g. ''the'', ''a'', ''an'', punctuation, etc., that I would have the possibility of telling the system.

I thought the ''Replace (regular expression)'' feature allowed me to do exactly that by using an empty replacement string.
However, I played with the Replace facility but:
(a) it seems it does not do what I mention above;
(b) the help related to this features says: ''After the key pattern has been applied to produce a key, you can choose to have the key generator search for occurrences of a specific regular expression, and replace it with a string'' and this is not very clear. In particular, the help seems to say that the key generator first generates the keys, and then the user has the possibility of searching, *in the already generated keys*, a string to be substituted. If this is so, it is not clear (a) how the user can tell the system to do this, plus (b) if the system searchers, say, ''a'' in the already generated key, this would of course result in a mess...
I am probably miss-understanding how the ''Replace'' feature works so I suggest to improve the feature and/or its explanation in the help.


  • fdar

    fdar - 2015-07-22
    • Labels: --> search
  • fdar

    fdar - 2015-07-23
    • Labels: search --> search, tocategorize
  • fdar

    fdar - 2015-07-31
    • labels: search, tocategorize --> EntryRecord, Key, MoreFlexible
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  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2015-10-11

    A first implementation is available for [shortTitle]. Maybe, we have to add a new label pattern [titleS] or something alike


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